2014 Sping Summer Luxury Designer Handbags Street Snapes Collection

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Spring time is just passed, but the awesome and colorful luxury designer handbags won’t never been go out, and here we take a look of few luxury brand bags’ street snapes to help you make decision shop them online. Including Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior and Hermes, those stylish model handbags will bring you a nice time.

1. Louis Vuitton Capucines BB Tote


Louis Vuitton Capucines BB Tote is new size which created this year since it is famous in its MM size which was already hotter than fire, but the BB size is so much cuter which an ideal bag for the Summer. BB LV Capucines Size is 7.9 x 10.6 x 3.5 inches and now they are available for sale at fashionclotheshow.com for nice price, free shipping!

2. Boy Chanel By Night Small Flap Bag in Black


The Boy Chanel Reverso Flap bag from the pre-spring summer 2014 collection which come out in a small size with classic edition design. With the iconic black design, it has been invited by Karl Lagerfeld to the Spring Summer 2014 party. Big masculine chain looks probably better on the shoulder.

Boy Chanel By Night Small Flap Bag in Black
Style code: A90248
Size: 4.7 x 7.9 x 2.8 inches
Price: $4,900 USD

3. Dior Haute Couture Evening Pouch


This time, Jessica Alba offer the Dior Haute Couture Evening Pouch street snape to us. Made in the classic black color and crafted from luxurious calfskin, the refined jewel clasp will help you steal the night.

4. Hermes Birkin


Take a view of Eva Longoria carry Hermes Birkin, the most popular khkai with classic model design sure lightened up your style.

5. Dior Soft Bag Red


Jenna Bentley carry a Dior Red Soft Bag with her sexy high heels perfect for a party.

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The Guide to Designer Handbags for Spring/Summer 2014

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Spring And Summer season always the best time to show off your fresh and bright colorway gorgeous designer handbag. Those well made and awesome fashionable designer handbags are definitely a must have for this season, perfect to pair with your dress, sandals in a charming view. Here, we take some of latest new 2014 spring/summer designer bags from Louis Vuitton , Chanel, Dior, Sain Laurent, Celine and Hermes. Take a view and you can order authentic LV bags 2014 for cheap at fashionclotheshow.com!

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2014 handbags Collection

Since the beginning of this year till now, there are many of classic and hottest model LV handbags in Spring Vibrant colorway design come out, including the Alma bag, Vivienne, SC, NEverfull, Speedy, W, Capucines and more in bright colorway design. Now, those latest new Louis Vuitton Handbag For Spring Summer are available for sale at Buycheaplvbagsonline.com for free shipping!


Chanel Spring Summer 2014 Handbags

In the Chanel Spring 2014 Act 2 bag Collection, we seen those bags first time is on the Chanel Spring 2014 Runway which Karl presented in a colorful art theme. In the 2014 Spring/Summer Chanel Collection, the most popular and classic model is the Chanel Graffiti backpack bag and the watercolor print flap bags. Take a view of those timeless classic handbags below!



Dior Bag colors for Spring/Summer 2014 mainly take bright color like turquoise, grey, blue, black, and white. With classic Dior handbags version, those newly Dior 2014 Spring was first appeared in Dior’s Spring/Summer 2014 Runway collection. With a metal detail on the handle perfect carry in the new season.

Saint Laurent


Here, in Saint Laurent 2014 Spring Collection, we just introduce you the classic Saint Laurent Croc Embossed bag for Spring colorways, it is creates a line of croc embossed bags that are featured in many of their most popular styles including.

Celine Box Bags


If you are a cute girl or just like small handbags, then 2014 Spring / Summer Celine box bagswill be a perfect choice. This time, the Box bags available in every color of the rainbow and in new materials to carry a colorful season the upcoming season.



In the Hermes Spring 2014 colors for Jyspiere and Evelyne bags collection, so many of color design you can be carry which perfect for the summer season. A Elegant look, those new Hermers handbags 2014 can fit your daily necessities and great to use for traveling.

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Tons of Gorgeous, Rare Hermès Bags Just Arrived at Moda Operandi


Hermes Bags Moda Operandi 1

By now, what I’m about to tell you is well known to anyone likely to find her way to this little Internet home of ours. Hermès pieces, especially the bags, can be incredibly difficult to find, and although the brand offers a cursory selection of products on its website, the really good stuff is hidden in the back rooms of boutiques and generally offered only to clientele with whom the store’s associates are already familiar. The Internet, in its eternal resourcefulness, has brought together Heritage Auctions and Moda Operandi to allow us to circumvent the whole thing.

Heritage Auctions has long been periodically offering a selection of its finest pre-owned and vintage bags through Moda Operandi, and this time around, we’re being treated to Hermès handbags, luggage, silks and other little highly covetable odds-and-ends. Birkins start at $18,500 and range up from there to include exotics and limited edition pieces, including an ivory alligator Birkin that will set you back a whopping $99,500.

Check out our favorite pieces from the trunkshow below or shop the full selection via Moda Operandi through August 18.

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How To Spot Good Replica Louis Vuitton Handbags Out And About

Louis Vuitton

There are all kinds of Louis Vuitton handbags out there. Some are the real deal, some are crappy fakes, and some are pitch perfect replicas. If you want to look great, you’ve got to know the difference between a good and a bad fake.

Replica Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag

Replica Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag

The first step to know on how to spot good replica Louis Vuitton handbags is knowing what you’re looking for. I hope this guide will help you make the right decisions and buy wonderful Louis Vuitton bag. Here is what you need to know:

Like I said, the first thing to do is:

•Picking a style that you like to check out
•Finding that style on the Louis Vuitton site and checking out the specs
•Knowing the features that are particular to that bag
•Looking at some high resolution shots both on the site and of celebrities wearing the bag you want (this will give you a sense as to how these bags look when worn)

But, beyond looking at the specs and pics that the official Louis Vuitton site provides you with, you’ve got to know a little about Louis Vuitton bags in general. Louis Vuitton is the most popular maker of luxury handbags in the world and with good reason – their bags are marvels of fashion and design. The canvas, leather, hardware, and special features of a Louis Vuitton bag are unique and particular. You simply need to know a thing or two about LV so that you can avoid getting duped by inaccurate fake Louis Vuitton bags.

Knowing the Features Particular to Louis Vuitton Handbags

Louis Vuitton Canvas

Some people mistakenly believe that Louis Vuitton is all about leather. Maybe this is because leather is supposedly a fancier material. But, the fact is, Louis Vuitton made its name with amazing canvas prints. Starting with the Damier canvas in 1888, Louis Vuitton has continued to unveil gorgeous canvas print handbags including the ubiquitous classic Monogram and its many variations.

Real Louis Vuitton canvas is sturdy, waterproof, and scratch resistant. The material was created for luggage, so it is built to last. Good replica Louis Vuitton canvas will be heavy, but not stiff. Make sure to check that the monogram logo is properly replicated. Look closely at the photos that the replica site provides – do they match up the photos of the original bag?

Make sure that the canvas has the proper thickness (not flimsy, not too stiff), that the color matches that of the original, that all patters match up and that all the markings are not only correct but are accurately rendered.

Leather Trim

So, Louis Vuitton may have made their mark in canvas, but they are no slouch when it comes to leather. Louis Vuitton handbags usually feature high quality leather trim. Excellent quality leather (the kind found in real LV bags) will grow richer, darker, and suppler with time. You can tell real Louis Vuitton bags because the leather becomes honeyed with time.

When checking the leather trim on fake Louis Vuitton bags, make sure to look at:
• The coloring (real bags have a beige color at first that slowly becomes like honey)
• The seams (should be made with strong yellow thread)

Louis Vuitton Yellow Thread

Louis Vuitton Yellow Thread


Louis Vuitton handbags feature gold toned brass hardware; not silver. A good replica will feature this same material, and a bad one will often have cheap, light hardware. It’s important that you make sure the hardware of your replica handbag is heavy – otherwise it may fall apart (or fall off!) with every day wear.
• Make sure that the material is up to standards and is heavy
• Make sure the color matches that of the original
• Check for engravings and make sure they are identical to the original

Special Features

Each Louis Vuitton handbag has its own special features. This is one of the areas where many fake bags are lacking – they can get a decent canvas and put it together fine, but they haven’t paid attention to important details that are unique to individual bags. It’s up to you to know what is particular about your bag of choice and make sure that your replica matches.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Kalahari Beaded Tassels

Louis Vuitton Monogram Kalahari Beaded Tassels

Things to look for include:

• Exterior and interior pockets
• Handles and adjustable straps
• Clasps and closures (and whether they have engravings)
• Engravings and logos (on hardware and plaques)
• Extra pockets
• Draw strings, tassels, etc.

Remember not only to check for what is missing on fake Louis Vuitton bags, but also whether there is something on your bag that shouldn’t be there. If you thoroughly check all bags before buying and read this guide on how to spot good replica Louis Vuitton handbags, you’re on the right path. This is the only way you will be sure to get the bag you want and that you’ll get something that looks and feels as it should. One of my favorite sites is so you can check if out if you’re looking for a great bag.

There are a lot of replica advice and guides here on the blog. Make sure you read them to find out where to get the best fake Louis Vuitton bags.

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How To Get The Best Replica Purses With A Big Discount!

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There are special moments in life that need to be shared with friends, otherwise they lose their significance. And this is one of them! My readers are also my friends and I whenever I have something important to tell them, I do it here, on the blog!

Pursevalley.cn review

So this, my girls, is for you! If you ask me, this is the most important news I’ve heard in a while. I just received an email from PurseValley.cn announcing their 10-year anniversary with a big discount, 50% off on all replica purses!

As I always say, besides the replica purses a site has to offer, other important aspects are the services and the return policy. Of course the prices are also important but if it were to choose between a website with cheap designer replica purses and no phone number and a bit more expensive but great replica purses, I would always advise you to go with the second one.

It’s very reassuring for me to know that I can get in touch with the customer support department whenever I want. If I have questions about their replica purses, about my order or if I decide to return something that I bought, it’s important to actually speak with someone.

Anyways, back to the announcement I just made! PurseValley.cn is celebrating their 10-year anniversary and they are offering 50% discount store wide, whether we are talking about handbag designer knockoffs, shoes, watches or accessories! But you should hurry up, this offer is valid just one day! The part in their email that made my day is this: “May you continue to inspire us for many years to come! And may you always remember how much you are needed, respected and valued!” Really touching, guys!

If you know about any other offers of thins kind, please send me an email so I can post it here! We all love cheap designer replica purses and this offers are just what we need to expand our wardrobe with the best replica handbags.

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Know How To Spot Gucci Replica Handbags, Any Day


Gucci has an amazing website! If you want to know how to spot Gucci replica handbags, use it! Don’t forget to take a few minutes to research a bag before you buy a replica.

Fake Gucci Handbag

Fake Gucci Handbag

Go to the official Gucci site but also go to the blogs, read a few reviews, make sure you know the bag’s features and you’ll be the best expert.


Gucci is unique. Not only do they use materials rarely used by others (ostrich, horse skin, rabbit fur, bamboo to name a few) but they have an entire history of patterns, details, trinkets and logos (the GG, the horse bit, the Guccissima leather, the web detail) that have meaning within the Gucci world and come often paired with other features. You got to know your stuff girls!

Every Gucci Bag Has It’s Variations

The first thing to know is that, more so than other designers, Gucci does the same bag style in multiple different materials regularly. Another important thing to keep in mind is that they often name their bags by the canvas used. So if you’re used to seeing the Gucci Charlotte in GG canvas for instance don’t automatically assume you’re looking at a fake just because you see one in black leather.

The Gucci site is great for this, since they break down each bag style into its variations and list the materials for each one. You can also plug the name of the bag and the material you’re interested in (Gucci Boston Metallic for example) into a Google search, and if it’s been made, it will totally have come up in the blogs somewhere.

Kate Moss With Gucci Union Jack Boston bag

Kate Moss With Gucci Union Jack Boston bag

Remember: you can’t necessarily assume that a certain Gucci bag doesn’t exist because it’s not up on their site though. They highlight mostly new styles (their current spring/summer, fall/winter) and the classics. If you really need to know (and by all means you should make sure before you buy a replica of a bag that might not exist) there is one surefire way: Post your question on a few blogs.

Post it here if you like, I or any Gucci expert would totally be able to tell you if, the Gucci Hobo in ostrich skin exists…and don’t laugh, it does!

How to Spot a Gucci Replica by Material

What they often do at Gucci is take a broad category of bags like: Large tote, Hobo, Boston, Top Handle and then produce it in a variety of motifs. The combination then becomes the name, more often than not. This is why you’ll come across a bag called The Gucci Medium Tote in Black Guccissima Leather. Not exactly catchy, but very clear…and, what? Are you going to tell Gucci they’re doing something wrong?

Gucci motifs are either special limited editions (like Kate Moss’s bag above) or standard patterns that they use for all different bag designs. What this means is that if you want to know how to spot Gucci replica handbags, it’s all the more important to know the features of each common Gucci pattern.

Gucci Design Features

GG Canvas

The GG (the initials of company founder Guccio Gucci) is Gucci’s monogram. It is the most recognizable Gucci icon, and you can find pretty much any of their bags in this style. The most common is a sand/ebony color combination.


Fake Gucci Sukey Sand Ebony Gucci Canvas

Fake Gucci Sukey Sand Ebony Gucci Canvas

Most of us are used to seeing it in the soft Gucci fabric, but beware! Many of the new bags feature a glossy Crystal version that’s stiffer, and shinier.Buy-Now

Fake Gucci Boston Bag Crystal Canvas

Fake Gucci Boston Bag Crystal Canvas

This is essentially Gucci’s leather monogram. Guccissima bags are embossed with the same GG pattern as the canvas to make a textured, and very supple leather. Spot a fake by a stiff leather, a print rather than embossed leather or an imperfect GG.


Fake Gucci Sukey Guccissima Leather Tote

Fake Gucci Sukey Guccissima Leather Tote

Super common and often in different color schemes, but most commonly in turquoise, black, white (and always in 3 colors). The horse bit is a nod to Gucci’s equestrian beginnings. The soft, shiny material of the interior fabric will be covered in a web of 2 toned horsebits. But keep in mind that this is not a rule, especially with new released models.

Fake Gucci Horsebit Pattern Lining

Fake Gucci Horsebit Pattern Lining

The most recognizable Gucci “equestrian” feature. The web is a tri-colored strip usually placed at the center of the bag. The most common coloring is green/red/green. Sometimes it will have a golden GG in the center, or a horsebit over top of it. The coloring and rough, canvas texture have to be exact! The Web detail is most commonly used on GG canvas styles, but sometimes you can see it on leather bags too. I love the Gucci Vintage Web Boston bag, it’s one of my favorite purse; if you like it too, you can find it on our site 


Fake Gucci Vintage Web Detail Boston Bag

Fake Gucci Vintage Web Detail Boston Bag

A horse bit is a metal bar attached to the reigns that goes in a horse’s mouth. To see one crisscrossed over a Gucci bag (like most Boston bags for instance) is a very common feature. This is Gucci’s most direct reference to equestrian style.


Fake Gucci Emily Horsebit Detail

Fake Gucci Emily Horsebit Detail

Gucci famously used bamboo for handbag handles, first during the leather shortage in WW2 and ever since. They also use it on tassels, drawstrings, and zipper tags. Bamboo has a very particular texture, so look closely.


Fake Gucci Bamboo Shopper Tote

Fake Gucci Bamboo Shopper Tote

So, the key on how to spot Gucci replica handbags is to know the brand, because this Italian fashion brand is the king of imitating itself, and including nods to its own history in each of its new designs.

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