Chanel Fall Winter 2015 Runway Bag Collection


I know, I know.

Chanel just released the Spring Summer 2015 Collection act 1 and now they’re already presenting the Fall Winter 2015 Bags on the runway.

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Don’t get overwhelmed by the choices.

Uhm, perhaps we should. Because again, we’re facing gorgeous handbags that we love and want.

My favorite?


The newest Chanel Reissue 2.55 Classic Flap Bag decorated with spoon and knife. The 2.55 bag needs no introduction. By now, you should already recognize the mademoiselle lock.

But why spoon and knife decoration?

The Chanel Fall Winter 2015 Runway Collection is inspired by the Parisian Brasserie, even the Grand Palais has been transformed into the theme. Accessories are therefore, inspired by restaurant equipment like spoons and knife and so on.


Another bag that I like so much is a black sophisticated tote bag, refined with silver woven chain handles. And because it’s a seasonal piece, once you’ve bought it, it will always be yours and available anymore in the market.

So what are you thoughts on this collection?











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Celine Winter 2014 Bag Collection

Other Brands


Celine Baby Blue and Brown Trapeze Tote Bag

It’s a common thing that designer brands show you their Fall Winter Collection while the sun is still shining bright, with more than 30 degrees and you are still enjoying the season, sitting on the beach and watching the sunset.

But Celine is late, most designer brands have already showcased their most gorgeous items. I know you are not waiting for the Winter Collection (yet), I mean, who wants to shop for a fur bag in the middle of the summer? However, we are talking about the ‘iconic’ now – the trapeze bag, the luggage tote and the box handbags. These are timeless classics, Celine can spam use with their latest colors and leathers on any day they want, we will still read them.

I really enjoy the new Celine Trapeze in burgundy and baby blue wings, the shades are so vibrant, it’s so different, yet powerful. For the luxury, go for the python in dark blue and brown wings.


Celine Burgundy Spazzolato Box Bag

What you need to know more is the new style of Celine box handbags with bold stitches on the edges. Take a look at the burgundy colors with yellow stitches, I am not sure if I will love it, but it’s different than what we are used to.


Celine Sunflower Yellow Belt Tote Bag

The Celine sunflower Yellow Belt Tote have hit the mark, the color is so delightful. It’s a perfect accessory to uplift people’s faces with your fashion in the winter season.

We will post the prices later on, so keep following this page.


Celine Camel Python Trapeze bag


Celine Burgundy Trapeze Bag

Celine-Blue-and-White-Gingham Mini-luggage-Tote

Celine Blue and White Gingham Mini luggage Tote


Celine Bright Blue Nubuck Suede Mini Luggage Tote


Celine Charteuse Green Nubuck Suede Mini Luggage tote


Celine Purple Tweed Mini Luggage Bag


Celine Vermilion Red Nubuck Suede Mini Luggage bag


Celine Black Stamped Pony Box


Celine Yellow Cobra Box


Celine Blue and White Gingham Phantom Tote


Celine Red Nubuck Suede Phantom tote


Celine Burgundy Cabas Phantom Tote


Celine Tan Phantom Cabas Bag


Celine Burgundy Spazzolato Tie Tote


Celine Camel with Fuschia Tie Tote


Celine Indigo Belt Tote


Celine Camel with Fuschia Lining Belt Tote

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Prada Fall Winter 2014 Bag Collection

Other Brands


To be honest, I wasn’t really excited when I saw Prada’s Fall Winter 2014 Ad Campaign. The images were too small, especially the bags, I need to glance on bigger pictures in order to get obsessed.

But now, finally, we can enjoy the little details – the saffiano leather, the impeccable craftsmanship and the feminine handles that we all love from Prada.

Besides new bags, Prada will be releasing the Saffiano Cuir tote in new fall and winter shades like dark-red or brown. This bag goes perfect with your trench coat and winter boots. A timeless piece that can also be worn during the Spring Winter, it’s an investment well made.

Following the path of Mulberry and Proenza Schouler, the new totes are designed with two buckles on the front. Perhaps it’s to tighten your bag so your essentials don’t run away, but I belief it’s made for decoration purposes. The new totes are also in exotic leather like python.

What you should love the most are the colors available, it goes from red, gold, grey to purple and silver. Like the new fresh baked shoulder bag in red, it comes with a chain and leather strap – an effortless accessory to go from day to night.

Because this collection has not been released yet, not much information can shared, like the sizes and the prices. We will keep you informed, like our Facebook page.

What do you think about the new Fall Winter 2014 Collection?















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Balenciaga Fall Winter 2014 Bag Collection Preview

Other Brands


For a long time, it has always been the ‘motorcycle bags’ that dominated the spotlights at every Balenciaga live shows. Until Alexander Wang stepped in, his creativity has expanded the brand’s assortment – starting with the Le Dix Bag Collection and all the way to the Ray Doctor Bag.

And now, presenting Balenciaga Fall Winter 2014 Bag Collection, there are so-many yummie bags that we know, you will never get enough. Already reviewed is the Balenciaga Tote Bag in Crocodile leather and thin feminine metal handles. The Balenciaga plate on the front tote is just perfect.


The Balenciaga Tube Squared Bag was worn by Salma Hayek in Late Show with David Letterman. It’s basically a roomy tote bag, made from black suede and its comfortable carrying around your arm. In case you wonder, it will be priced around $1665 USD.


Clutches are not Balenciaga’s biggest strength, but the red one in crocodile leather is more than just an evening accessory. If you need a tool to attract attention, this is the weapon that you are looking for. Refined with silver metal on the top closure.

Take a look at the images yourself and let us know what you think.







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Dior Fall Winter 2014 Bag Collection Preview

Other Brands


While CHANEL tuned their catwalk into a high-end supermarket, where classic bags were presented in containers and stickered 100% Agneau, DIOR on the other hand, is simply going for the usual; just elegant and stylish. Presenting Dior Fall Winter 2014 Preview; Oh, I see things I adore and I see things I adore less…

We are familiar with the defined Diorissimo tote bag, there’s actually a pouch attached in the interior (just for your information), the new limited edition is covered in crocodile leather. The new prints and colors are bright yellow, blue/white and black/red. This is a true timeless classic that can be worn in all season.


These F/W 2014 clutches certainly conquered my heart, I love the flower embellishment and how its blossom. And it’s not a print; you can actually feel the jewel-like stones in beautiful shiny colors. The anther is crafted in cute pink and together with light beige background; it’s your perfect evening companion. Or take the emerald shade to add some excitement to your night dress.


The creative director Raf Simons puts it this way: ‘A woman with power and energy in a very definite way’, and I can’t agree more. Blending together the charm of evening glam and the influence of the street; DIOR created a pair of shoes that’s half sneaker and half pumps. Painted in classic black leather and matching to sky blue, refined with mint green and bright yellow, the definition? It’s a sports pump. Certainly not a shoe to wear in the Gym, but you wouldn’t wear it in during a wedding either. Do you think it’s practical?


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Chanel Fall Winter 2014 Bag Collection Preview

1 / 24

Okay, I am going to say it: ‘I hate previews and trailers’, they are all teasers. You see it, but can’t touch it. You want it, but can’t buy it…not yet. And just at the same time that CHANEL has released their Spring Summer 2014 Collection (What we all have been waiting for, so long!), the Fall Winter 2014 Bag Collection have been partly revealed. It’s like giving you the most delicious cupcake and then hiding one behind a glass wall; you can see it, but can’t touch it. And it makes you wonder: ‘how does that cupcake taste?’.

The Fall Winter 2014 Collection was presented in an unexpected way; Karl Lagerfeld envisioned his own giant Chanel Supermarket. It’s something that no one in the fashion world has ever done. It’s truly remarkable; the Chanel Classic Flap Bag in dark brown and wrapped around a transparent foil, the green sticker reads: 100% Agneau.

What can you find more at the Chanel supermarket? Candy Clutches, Chanel Boy Flap Bags in Interwoven-chain-link inspired small basket or Lait de Coco Clutch (a milk bottle clutch bag). Let’s go get some groceries; is your credit card ready because I don’t think they accept cash.

One of the highlight might be the Chanel quilted black trolley; it’s a small sized luggage bag that can be used as a carry-on. The trolley is enriched with black chain or interwoven chain and it also available in gray. If you love everything Chanel, make sure you get the Classic Flap Bag, the Boy Bag and one Trolley for the holiday.

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