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Shopping is sometimes a mystery – you find things beautiful and you want to buy it, but you don’t know whether it will be useful. If you don’t buy it, you will regret it. If you buy it, you might regret later. Anyone has this feeling before?

Now take a look at the Chanel Small Quilted Pouch. It sits there like a beautiful little baby. You see the quilting, the zipper and the mini CC signature on the top. It’s a beautiful accessory and you want it.

But then you look at the size; it’s too small. You might be able to put small items in there like earrings or hair accessories? But do you really need it?

Well, what we do know is that it fits perfectly inside your bag. If there are times you need to take small accessories, you might want to use this pouch to store it. Maybe to get your bag better organized. It’s really nice when you take it out of your bag, especially if you own a Quilted Flap Bag, which is btw a great match.

So what do you think?

Style code: A80918, measuring 2.1’ x 3.3’ x 3.3’ inches, priced at $500 USD, €460 euro, £430 GBP, $720 SGD, $710 AUD, ¥58320 JPY via Chanel boutiques


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As the popular Cinderella song goes “A dream is a wish your heart makes” upon seeing this Chanel beauty, we’d like to change up some words and come up with this “A pouch is a wish your heart makes.” So stop wishing and listen to your heart, we know it’s probably throbbing upon seeing the Chanel Small Quilted Pouch.

Made from genuine lambskin & ruthenium metal and is sporting the color dark blue, this pouch is too lovely to pass upon! Trust us, you might want to bring it wherever you go as it can store some of your essentials in life such as your car keys, lipstick or mascara.

What we absolutely adore about this pouch is the thick diamond quilting effect in dark blue color. It just looks too darling! The CC logo also adds more beauty to it.

Style code: A69253, measuring 3.7’ x 5.9’ x 0.4’ inches, priced at $450 USD, €350 euro, £295 GBP, $560 SGD, $2900 HKD, $540 AUD and more colors available via Chanel boutiques.

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I came across something totally unexpected the other day.

And it instantly pushed my weakest spot – my obsession for tiny and mini handbags. So when I spotted it, I couldn’t belief it and my mind goes like: ‘they should have done this a long time ago’.

It’s the Jil Bag from Jil Sander. Minimalism really rocks, but this takes it to another level. They have made the small version of the Jil Bag.

Now, let me just quickly do a recap for those that are not familiar with this accessory. You see, every designer brand has a signature bag that is accepted by public as an iconic or a classic. Chanel got the Classic Flap Bag, Louis Vuitton got a few, like the Speedy or the Trunk Bag.

And so Jil Sander got the Jil Bag, naturally =D.

So when you mixed the two fashion terminology together: ‘small’ and ‘classic’, our trend alarm goes off.

The Jil Bag has been around for sometime now, but the small version is new. And the brand has released four variations of it.

If you want to go all-classic, pick the Jil Bag in black. It’s made from cow leather with nappa leather lining. The tag comes with a logo and you also get a removable shoulder strap.

Or if you want to paint some colors in your life, take the light yellow piece or in dark purple.

So what do you think?

Oh, first the details of course:

Jil Bag in black or light yellow
Material: Cow Leather

Jil Bag in Mirror Dark Purple
Material: Calf Leather

Jil Bag in Ostrich Leather

Measuring 26 x 10.5 x 26.5 cm (W x D x H), 





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Hello, ladies! Today, we’re going to take a closer look at the Chanel Camellia-Embossed Small Bag Collection, a dainty and feminine approach to bag design. If you’re the classic gal with a taste for great patterns and textures, then you’re in luck today!


Chanel Camellia-Embossed Key Holder
Style code: A82334
Size: 3.9’ x 4.3’ x 0.7’ inches
Price: €395 EUR



Chanel Camellia-Embossed Pouch
Style code: A82277
Size: 7.9’ x 11’ x 1.2’ inches
Price: €730 EUR



Chanel Camellia-Embossed Card Holder
Style code: A82286
Size: 4.4’ x 3’ x 0.2’ inches
Price: €265 EUR



Chanel Camellia-Embossed Flap Wallet
Style code: A82283
Size: 4.1’ x 7.7’ x 1.2’ inches
Price: €740 EUR


All pieces are made with Camellia-embossed lambskin, and are suited to meet your needs for both style and functionality. Trust Chanel to give you only the best!

You can get your very own piece from the Camellia-embossed Small Bag Collection from Chanel boutique.

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As we all know, totes are an all-important staple in our everyday lives. Especially for women-on-the-go, they would need a bag that could keep-up with their fast-paced lifestyle, and that’s where designer pieces come in. Because of the quality and craftsmanship in every piece, most designer bags would last many years of use and could withstand wear and tear.

The price-conscious fashionista might ask: ‘is there a more affordable option?’ You bet! With the Diane von Furstenberg Small Voyage Leather Tote Bag, you’ll be getting more than what you’re going to pay for! Measuring 19cm x 26cm x 12cm (H x W x D), expect this baby to give you the space that you need. It comes with a detachable and adjustable leather shoulder strap, which allows you to wear it however you want. It also has expandable sides with snap button closure, which you can adjust.

Inside, it has a zip compartment, two more compartments and two leather pockets. Exactly what the organized diva would need!

Priced at €313 EUR or £258 GBP, you can get your very own Diane von Furstenberg Small Voyage Leather Tote Bag via Luisa Via Roma.






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Here’s the good thing, we introduced the Chanel Small Caviar Pouch Bag with Chain last week. It was made in Velvet and priced at 1370 euro, you remember?

No? Then quickly, read this article: Chanel Small Velvet Pouch with Removable Chain.

This small bag looks quite like the Chanel Classic Flap Bag – it’s quilted, it comes with a CC logo but tinier and it features an woven chain link which can be removed.

A beautiful bag, but we know some of you don’t want Velvet because of maintenance and other experiences. So we would like to introduce you to Ninar.

You see, Ninar grabbed this bag in Caviar. Yes, you heard it right…’Caviar’.

Caviar leather is known for its impeccable quality, it’s easier to maintain and as solid as a rock. You want to have your bag in caviar if you want to minimize the damages and scratches.

READ: Chanel Leather Guide

Ninar: ‘I got it in Lotte department store here in Seoul, Korea on 22nd August. It costs 1,900,000 KRW so about 1,600 USD.

The price range is almost the same as the one in Velvet. The difference between the Classic Flap Bag and the Small Pouch with Chain is that it comes with an internal pouch.
Is it hunting time already?



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