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I hate suede. There, I’ve said it. Not only is it hard to maintain (especially in our tropical climate), it’s also a natural magnet for all manner for stains for some reason, and whenever someone passes me on the street or sets one on the table next to me, I’ll be looking for those marks. A blotch of blue? Probably from a stray pen. Something brownish at the corner? It’s either the dried-up residue of sauce, like ketchup, or maybe oil. And then there’s the dirt, which you can’t avoid no matter what, that ends up leaving streaks if you are especially unlucky.

The underside of leather (usually calf or lambskin), its textured nature and open pores is also the reason why it absorbs liquids so easily. It’s also extremely soft, and there’s something about its tactile nature that makes it very comforting to the touch.

Which brings me to my conundrum. As much as I hate suede for all the reasons mentioned above, I also love it (again, for the all the reasons mentioned above), which just means one thing. I’ve not owned anything suede for a long time now, and while I’ve often toyed with the idea of getting something in suede, I never saw it through.

And the reason for bringing up it up here? Loewe. Having made the mistake of walking into the boutique because I had time to kill before lunch, I chanced upon one of the new arrivals, the Pouch Bag. Technically more a pouch than an actual bag, it’s also amazingly soft and cradling it is akin to hugging a baby lamb. Or something cute and cuddly for that matter.

Measuring 26.5 cm by 23 cm, there isn’t much you can actually do with it, well maybe except for the following. One, use it while you’re on the plane for all your long-haul essentials, like facial mists, mints and reading glasses. Two, use it as a lunch bag, guaranteed to be the most fancy amongst all the OLs. Three, as a bag organiser, especially good when everything gets lost or jumbled up in your Neverfull or Saint Louis.

Priced at SGD1490, it also comes in a smaller, even more adorable size priced atSGD1290. But that’s not the point. The question is, should I? Or should I just admit defeat and get the ones in calf leather made surely for suede wusses out there like me.

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Runway Handbag Love: Loewe V Suede Bag

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Runway Handbag Love: Loewe V Suede Bag

Handbag designer brand Loewe hasn’t been on my radar lately. However when I saw the Loewe V Bag on the runway, it grabbed my attention! It was love at first sight, completely reviving my interest in this designer. Now that I have seen the Loewe V Suede Bag though, I don’t think there is any going back!

What caught my eye at first glance, was the color. Who doesn’t love the vibrant turquoise blue color? It doesn’t end there. There is more to this bag than its blue hue. I love the clean lines and simple rounded shape. The black leather trim looks sharp too and is a nice contrast. The bright yellow leather chain geometric “V” strap is the most interesting feature and where the bag gets it’s name.

Loewe Comic Book V Bag 
This is going to sound weird too, but the blue and yellow combination (plus the thick black lines) give this bag sort of a comic book-like feel. I mean old school comics here. Not the stuff you see today. It certainly is an interesting take on this piece even though I am pretty sure it wasn’t the designer’s intention to create something inspired by a comic book. And if it was, that tidbit of information wasn’t shared on Loewe’s official website either.

What do you guys think of the Loewe V Suede Bag?

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Loewe Small Puzzle In Silver Repeat Anagram

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It’s not hard to figure out why the Puzzle is such a success, Loewe’s first ‘it’ bag after J.W. Anderson took over the Spanish luxury house’s creative reins some seasons back. Besides its unusual shape (yes, it isn’t really rectangle and neither is it a trapezoid), there is something pretty magical about it. Magical in the way it looks when it’s carried in the hand or over the shoulder, magical in the fact that it can be carried at least 6 different ways, and yes, pure magic that a bag that looks so small can hold so much.

Then there needs to be a whole paragraph on the leather that the Puzzle is made up of, this supple lush calfskin that I swear just looks better and better the more you use it. I’ve got a Flamenco Knot, I’ve got a Puzzle, I’ve got a Yago, so yes, I would know. And as clumsy as I am, you don’t even see the little nicks it has endured over time, a testament to the fine leather used at Loewe.

Available in 4 sizes (Small, Regular, Large and Extra Large), here are some points you’ll need to know if you’re intending to get yourself a Puzzle. Yes, it comes in 4 sizes, but only the Small, Regular and Large come with top handles, also known as the women’s models. The sole men’s model, the Extra Large, comes without the top handle but otherwise it’s exactly the same.

Besides calfskin, it also comes in suede, exotics and the one that’s featured above, the Repeat Anagram in metallic embossed leather that I think is a seasonal offering, so if you love it, do it soon. Priced at SGD2990 for the Small, I like how you can use it as a small sling bag, or folded up as a hand-held clutch, which would work too.

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Loewe Puzzle Large Leather Shoulder Bag: Fit In to Stand Out

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Loewe Puzzle Large Leather Shoulder Bag

Loewe’s much-lauded Puzzle bag, the one that’s a favorite of Julianne Moore, is an inspired design that’s about as original as bags come. The pieces are attached in such a way that creates a 3D effect, and the front panel (with the zipper pocket) is like a pyramid.

Not only does it look endlessly intriguing, this truly ingenious bag can be worn: 1) as a shoulder bag, 2) a crossbody, 3) a top handle (the strap detaches), 4) slung over sideways, so it sits vertically, like a north-south tote, and 5) possibly as a clutch. As for the last option, that’s what Loewe suggests, but the proportions are way too big for this to be realistic. Sure, you can carry it in that handheld runway fashion, purely for effect. It will last just long enough to snap that Instagram photo and move on.

Speaking of size, I can’t help but prefer the smaller version. A wide girth makes it look larger than it is, and the boxy shape isn’t flattering on everyone in the large size, especially for petite girls. Ultimately, though, the cool design and level of versatility are enough to compensate for any small infraction one might have with the bold width. This Puzzle solves itself! For me in this case, it’s go small or go home.

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Loewe Skin Accessories Collection

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If you plan to travel very soon and you’re looking for a companion, then perhaps the Loewe Skin Collection can give you a hand. You see, two new bags have been introduced that can be folded and easily carried no matter where you go. The bags take very little space and has a room to store all your big or little must-take-with-me essentials.

Loewe is famous for its leather techniques and craftsmanship, the Skin Collection is mainly focused on the work on leather hides and only accessories are made, so no clothes. And like always, the-can’t-miss amazona bag is now available in either classic summer black or in exotic leather. Also this season’s newest addiction is the Origami Cubo bag, featured in exotic python leather – this unique bag can be carried anywhere you go and you can easily fold it anytime you want.

The next lovely bag is the Loewe Cubo Bag in charcoal, also one of the most recent releases. It’s basically a boxy but extremely smooth duffle bag that can be carried by hand. It’s embellished with a timeless Loewe padlock and a tag for the luxurious look, but just like the Origami Cubo bag, the secret lies in the techniques; the bag takes very little space, you can fold it anytime you like.

Of course, the Flamenco; Loewe’s princess, standing next to the iconic Amazona bag. Now for the skin collection available in white, nude and python. And for those who are interested, at Loewe e-store and here are the prices:

Loewe Origami Cubo in Python: €2.600 euro
Loewe Cubo bag: €1.600 euro
Loewe Amazona Bag in black: €1.900 euro
Loewe flamenco Bag: €1.200 euro





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Loewe Made To Order Bag Collection 2014 featuring the Vega Bag

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LOEWE left a permanent mark in the fashion world by designing the all-time classic Amazona bag. It carries a rich and worthy history; the Amazona line was launched when the Franco era was over and it signifies the female strength, symbolizing the women liberty.

What’s more? It’s Loewe’s first flexible and sporty handbag, from the start it was already made from unlined suede. The technical part was the breakthrough that raised the popularity of this beauty and that was achieved thanks to master craftsmanship.


Loewe Amazona and Loewe Vega Bag

For the special Loewe Made To Order Bag Collection 2014, another retro version of the Amazona bag has been introduced in subtle color that fits perfectly to your living room table. This time it’s in coffee brown color and two-tone light purple, a beautiful accessory that you will be proud to own. The Loewe Amazona bag retails for €1.600 EUR.

But what you might be looking for is the brand-new Loewe Vega Bag in red. It’s a long tote that guarantees to hold anything you want. Tote it on your shopping days and your city trips. Crafted from the same deluxe materials like the Amazona bags and printed with the same Loewe signature on the top center. This bag cost €990 EUR, both bags at Loewe e-store.


The Toledo Briefcase


The Flamenco and The Amazona Bags

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