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Just when we thought bags couldn’t get any more beautiful, suddenly Saint Laurent came in like a storm, dazzling and sweeping us off our feet with this Halfmoon Bag in bloody red.

Perfect for your romantic and flirty Saturday night dates, this Halfmoon Bag will definitely complement your white flowy dress to add that instant pop of color. An elegant touch to brighten up your ensemble, this YSL jewel right here is everything we could ever ask for in a mini bag!

Taking a closer look, this bag is sporting the elegant Chevron quilting effect and has golden metallic pieces to enhance its sophisticated look. The golden chain strap on the other hand is both sassy and chic, and the golden YSL logo in front definitely gives this bag a five-star rating.

The size is perfect, it can be hold with just one hand – so its an evening beauty. The colors are sharp – red with blue edges, and the golden hardware fits right in like a glove.

Love the shape! We don’t have much information about the sizes and prices right now, but stay tuned, once we have it, we will let you know.

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Designer Shoes


For the Spring Summer 2017 Runway, Saint Laurent decided not to showcase their handbags for next year. It’s a little bit disappointing, but that’s fine…


However, we did spotted two kinds of shoes that we needed to share because they’re fresh and fabulous.

The first pair, these Saint Laurent Signature Pumps are dangerously attractive. The clever adjustment totally changed the style. You see, the fashion house replaced the heels with the brand’s signature YSL logo.

While the brand is now called ‘Saint Laurent’, the previous name Yves Saint Laurent, which we love so dearly, has actually never been removed. Saint Laurent still uses this name in a few of their fashion accessories.


It’s never a faux pas to add colors to your shoes, but do that with caution. Take these pair of new Feather Pumps from the SS2017 Runway. They’re gorgeous, aren’t they?

Saint Laurent added a feather-like weapon to these pumps; it’s simple but effective. Each of these feathers is shiny and colorful. And with the combination of black pumps, the feathers are really on the spotlights.

















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Saint Laurent Classic Medium Collège Monogram Bag

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Consider this Saint Laurent’s new-age take on the classic cartable, which is basically a satchel-style bag with a top handle, which is this day and age what we call a briefcase? Ok, before this quick exercise into the history of bags gets too confusing, let’s just focus on the Classic Medium Collège Monogram Bag at hand.
Available in two distinct sizes, the bags comes sized in either 24 cm by 17 cm (Medium, shown above) or 32 cm by 2o cm (Large), the former a good size as a daily-use handbag, the latter an office workhorse to pack more work essentials in. With its softer, slouchier sheepskin leather exterior and those raised ridged lines, the icing on the cake is perhaps the French luxury house’s signature YSL monogram logo, in brushed gunmetal that’s not only very subtle but less prone to knicks and scratches as well.
Platine, which is French for platinum, is also one of the key themes as far as Saint Laurent’s Holiday 2015 offerings are concerned, a welcome change from all those garish yellow golds and reds we can only take so much of on any given day, Christmas or not.
 you can check it out via Saint Laurent’s boutiques at ION Orchard (have you seen the glorious new mirrored and marbled shrine of a store that recently opened?) and of course, Marina Bay Sands.
Featuring a palette of hues from silvery silvers to the palest of champagne golds, there are at least 4 different bags you can choose from to make this X’mas even more festive. First up (or top down, that is), the Classic Small Monogram Satchel in grained metallic leather that measures a wee 17 cm across. Featuring a suede interior, this SGD2550 sling is also as compact as it gets, the one you wear across the body and party the night away.

Next up, the slightly larger (19 cm across to be exact) Classic Saint Laurent Front Flap Wallet (SGD1590) that features the house signature matelassé stitching on the exterior. Featuring card slots and pockets for both bills and receipts, it’s also one bag where you can actually remove the chain, turning it into a clutch for double-duty

Another sling you could consider is the Classic Baby Monogram Saint Laurent Chain Bag, which also comes with a front flap. But unlike the previous one which has built-in wallet capabilities, this SGD2490 darling just features a grosgrain interior. Last but by no means least, the Classic Monogram Saint Laurent Clutch that measures almost 27 cm across. Priced at SGD1950, it’s finished with a pale gold YSL interlocking logo; it’s really a case of same but different as far as these 4 is concerned.
How do you decide then? Head down to any Saint Laurent boutique in Singapore (there’s one at Marina Bay Sands and another at ION Orchard) and try them on, of course.

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Saint Laurent Sac Du Jour Replica

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Saint Laurent Sac De Jour LiningFirst of all, a good Saint Laurent Sac du Jour replica should be made of high-quality leather. The real Sac de Jour is made of beautiful rich leather and so should be a premium replica. It’s difficult to tell if the bag is made of real leather when you’re shopping online because you can’t actually smell it or feel it but you can tell if the material looks too matte and bland. Just like you would expect from a high-quality designer bag, the interior is just as luxurious as the exterior. The interior of the Sac de Jour is lined in ultrasuede while the inside pockets are lined with a faille material that prevents the bag from looking bulky. You should also keep in mind that the Sac de Jour is a structured tote, so you should not buy a replica that looks slouchy. 
I want to get myself a more simple tote that I can use as my everyday bag!
That bag was a huge hit back then and everyone wanted a Saint Laurent Sac Du Jour replica in that beautiful pink color. But the biggest problem that Saint Laurent Nano Sac de Jour replica had was not that the color wasn’t exactly like the real one but the fact that both the inside and the exterior stamp were really bad. But don’t worry, you will be able to find Saint Laurent Sac Du Jour replica bags with amazing stamps! And you can find some good examples right here, on the blog.
Now let’s see what the other replica handbags reviews on the blog have taught us about Saint Laurent Sac de Jour bags:
When the end of the strap looks glued rather than stitched.
The design of this Saint Laurent bag is quite simple, so you would think that a replica couldn’t possibly bad even if they tried! Still, don’t forget that even when it comes to replica bags, the leather and the small details such as the stamps or the logo engravings on the hardware can make all the difference in the world.
This time I come with my Saint Laurent shopper reviews and want some of your advices 
And this email is gonna be a quite long one, hope don’t mind and thank you for reading 
I finally got the YSL shopper yesterday and here comes with some photos of the bag. The bag doesn’t look exactly like the photos it shows tho, the photos on the website shows the bag shape more firmly, the leather should be a bit shiny.
“About the Saint Laurent shopper, I already started using it from last week, the day after I received.
I have to say it’s not a very good quality one but luckily the design of the bag is very simple, so I can at least using it without worry people pays too much attention on my bag tho
But when it comes to the bag doesn’t look that firm, smells very strong and it’s not like the leather smell from my other replica celine tie bag.
Also I expected the size should be larger as I ordered the large size but it just look medium in real.
Alright,I think I need to hang the bag somewhere for a few days before I use it as it does smell too strong.”
As you can see, this Saint Laurent replica Shopping Tote doesn’t look great.  even when the seller has lots of positive reviews that may or may not be fabricated. The only exception would be a seller you’ve bought from before or a seller that someone you trust has recommended.
Yeah, that’s exactly the problem…you have to be lucky enough to get a good replica. And I don’t like taking risks like this when it comes to replica bags and my hard-earned money and I’m sure neither do you.Saint Laurent Replica Shopping Tote From

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Saint Laurent Baby Duffle Tote in Black
Size: 23cm x 14cm x 10cm (W x H x D)

The New Saint Laurent Duffle Bag is another stunner that’s out to give any outfit some lovin’! This new take on the original design is definitely a winner when it comes to craftsmanship and functionality – it’s body-friendly and super versatile, too! If you’re looking for fresh bag ideas, then may we suggest this emerging piece? Surely, you’ll want to wear this everyday!

When it comes to the new design, you would notice that it is zipped and that it has a large chain and luggage tag in front, as well as a front zip. More of the metal, you’d say, and other fine elements which definitely add more to the then-super minimalist (original) design. Not that we’re complaining, in fact we love it!





Saint Laurent “Duffle 6” Tote in Large
Size: 29cm x 17cm x 15cm (W x H x D)


Saint Laurent “Duffle 6” Tote in Medium
Size: 23cm x 20cm x 10cm (W x H x D)


Saint Laurent Baby Duffle Tote in Red
Size: 23cm x 14cm x 10cm (W x H x D)

Get your very own Saint Laurent Duffle Bag now via.

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Saint Laurent YSL Monogram Collection

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saint_laurent_ss15-ysl-monogram-collection1Consider this a refresher post. For those of you who might have been slightly confused between Saint Laurent’s YSL Monogram and Toile Monogram collections, here’s help. Whereas Toile Monogram refers to anything that comes in repetitive YSL monogram print, YSL Monogram is any bag that comes adorned with the YSL logo, designed by artist Cassandre in 1961 on Monsieur Saint Laurent’s request.

And while the Toile Monogram collection is more straightforward in terms of styles available (it’s also permanent so pieces don’t really change much from season to season), the YSL Monogram is much larger, with bags and SLGs in almost every style from both permanent and seasonal collections that all come adorned with the YSL emblem.

saint_laurent_ss15-ysl-monogram-collection2So what style of bags can you expect from the YSL Monogram collection? Everything really, from quilted leather shoulder bags to top handle handbags. Then there are the hobos, the satchels and of course, the sexier sling bags that many have grown to love.

saint_laurent_ss15-ysl-monogram-collection3Because this post wouldn’t be quite complete without some examples of bags from the YSL Monogram collection, here are some current season beauties you could most definitely check out, from the one in embossed croc to tanned leather Université, with prices ranging from SGD2890 to SGD3230 for the lot shown above. Or head online via this link for a more complete selection.

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