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Nowadays espadrilles are the hottest shoes, and particularly Chanel Espadrilles. They sell like hotcakes and if you do get a chance to buy a pair, you can only hope they have your favorite color in stock.

But anyways, in this posts we want to keep you up-to-date on what’s in store right now. For the Fall Winter 2016 Collection, Chanel designed the Espadrilles with Tweed and Velvet. To give you an indication about the prices, these pair are retailing for $675 USD, €520 euro, £440 GBP, $840 SGD, $4400 HKD, $870 AUD, ¥66960 JPY, the style code is: G29762.

Besides Tweed and Velvet, there are also other variations of Espadrilles available, like in full leather and in other colors like black. And because images speak more clearly than words, we’ve gathered them here below. Take a closer look and for more information, check with your SA.






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Celine Espadrilles For Spring Summer 2015 Collection

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Because I am feeling the summer (and you hope you too), let’s talk more in depth about Espadrille.

Just to let you know, Espadrille are absolutely ‘must haves’, if you’re not yet stocking them in your wardrobe – it’s time to do so.

So start swiping your credit card.

Which Espadrille I love?

No other than the Celine Espadrille Slipper in red and white stripes. These shoes are made from cotton, which is what you should put on your feet. Cottons are relaxed and extremely comfy for the summer (especially the hot days).

They are easy to wear, just slide into your feet and you’re good to go.

And besides, I love the colors and styles. These Celine Espadrille Slippers in Cotton are also available in white and black. Priced at €350 euro.


If you love black and leather slippers, we also have a different style for ya. Take the Espadrille Slipper in calfskin. It’s basically the same as with cotton – we mean the design. It’s still beautiful and is only slightly more expensive. Priced at €380 euro, also available in bright red.


For those that are all-into-luxury, the Celine Espadrille Slippers are also made in stamped crocodile leather. They are in colors like Navy and Tan and they are priced at €400 euro.

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