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Each time Dior releases its new collection, it’s guaranteed to be the talk of the town. Savage, ferocious and embodying the femme fatale spirit, Dior Fall Winter 2017 Ad Campaign packed with series of new styles of handbags is just all about that.

Undoubtedly taking the lead in the competitive fashion world, Dior would do anything and everything to hold on to that leverage. Its choice of having Jennifer Lawrence to grace their campaign is such a wise move as she’s famously recognized as the girl on fire!


In this newest collection, the latest bags as well as the classic bags are reinvented with a twist, just like the new stiff DIOR CHARM. In a sea of beautiful Dior creations, there’s one particular bag that speaks to us the most. We’re talking about this bag worn by J. Law, which looks like a modified version of the ever-famous Miss Dior Promenade Pouch.

Now let’s go take a closer look and scrutinize it with keen eyes for details. It features the ever-modish Cannage stitching just like the one seen in the Miss Dior Promenade Pouch. It has a detachable shoulder strap adorned with charms so you can easily transition it from being a shoulder bag to a cross-body bag and later to a handbag.

It also features the D-Fence stiff DIOR logo and debuts a new and modern clasp, which is unlike any other we’ve seen so far. The charm on the shoulder strap fits very well to the new DIOR logo.

We’ll keep you updated about its price and size once Dior releases further info about this style stunner!







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Dior S/S17 Supple Lady Dior

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A bag that really needs no formal introduction, Dior’s Lady Dior is an icon through and through, and almost certainly one of the first things you see when you step into any Dior boutique anywhere in the world. And whether you love it or not (we’ll get to that part later), it’s time to check out its latest interpretation. Yes, under the auspices of Artistic Director Maria Grazia Chiuri, there’s a new Lady Dior in town that’s part of the Spring-Summer 2017 collection.


So what’s different about this Lady Dior, you ask? Besides the addition of rounded studs and a shoulder sling that’s much, much broader, the most significant difference is something that you’ll only be able to experience if you tried the bag in person. Yes, the S/S17 Lady Dior Supple uses leather (in either calfskin or lambskin) that’s much more supple than before, for a look that’s casual, relaxed and slouchy.

In other words, besides a bag that’s less structured (yes, I know, you can’t really tell that from the image above), those of you who skipped the Lady Dior before because of zipper burn will have no issues at all with this. The zip is also absent from this style, and in its place you’ll find a leather flap to ‘cover’ the contents held within.

Available in at least 2 sizes (one of which measures 24 cm by 20 cm by 11 cm) and 3 colours (Black, Red and White), the icing on the cake is perhaps the pairing of aged gold-tone hardware that’s absolutely divine.

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Dior Fall/Winter 2016 Bag Collection

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Introducing the Dior Fall/Winter 2016 Bag Collection. The collection includes the brand’s classic handbags such as the Lady Dior, Diorama, Diorever and the newest Stardust Backpack. The iconic Lady Dior is seen in a new ceramic-effect deerskin with a jewelled swan. The Diorever Bag from the Spring/Summer 2016 Collection is back this season in new colors. Dior introduces their newest backpack, the Stardust Backpack, which comes in cannage pattern and floral embellishments. Another new design this season is the Dior Blossom. It is an open tote bag that comes with a shoulder strap and a cute floral charm.

Jump to Euro Prices

Lady Dior

Dior Blossom




Dior Calfskin Diorama Flap Bag



Dior Calfskin Diorever Tote Medium Bag



Dior Large Embellished Stardust Backpack Bag


Dior Small Stardust Backpack Bag
Dior Embroidered Technical Fabric Stardust Flat Zipped Pouch Bag

Miss Dior and Ultradior


Dior Pearlised Patent Miss Dior Promenade Pouch Bag
Dior Metallic Nubuck Calfskin Miss Dior Promenade Pouch Bag
Dior Ultradior Small Bag

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Ever noticed that cute little bling which is called the Lady Dior Key Ring which complete the look of the Lady Dior Bag? It’s just too gorgeous to pass upon so better to take a look at it.

Contemporary in design, the Lady Dior Key is an added ornament that gives any Lady Dior Bag the accessory that it deserves. Made of silver-tone metal, its design is nonetheless feminine and original. The “Happy Chain” keyring reveals the modern feisty spirit of the Dior woman.

Just when you thought your Lady Dior bag is chic enough, think again for this Happy Chain key ring will instantly brighten and add that needed sparkle to your Dior leather bag goodie.

It measures 3.5 x 3 cm thus it’s not too heavy as a key ring. Available for €380 euro or £300 GBP via Dior boutique.


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Let Jennifer Lawrence Show You All the Dior It Bags of the Season

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In Jennifer Lawrence's latest Dior ads, the fashion house describes her as appearing "softly elegant and self-assured." We would be too if we were lounging in the coziest sweater ever, toting Dior's fresh new bags. And while it's lovely to see Jennifer fulfill her duties as the face of the brand by wearing couture on the red carpet, we have to admit this laid-back look is pretty refreshing.

In fact, while you might not initially picture the metallic-pink Diorama bag — favored by plenty of It girls — to fit in with J Law's edgy street style, one scroll through the just-released series of images and a BTS video and you might have a change of heart. Jennifer wears Dior well, whether she's flaunting a fancy dress or the latest crop of accessories. Read on to see her embody total sophistication for Spring '16.

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Lady Dior new future urban style

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Dior released a new season in 2015 Lady Dior image advertising, by renowned fashion photographer Peter Lindberg guide, France Muse Marion Cotillardy early autumn Esprit Dior wearing new clothing line appearance, and this is her seventh year in a row as the Lady Dior since 2008 image endorsers.




Lady DIOR 2015 early autumn series of new

In addition to showing endless Lady Dior bag design and elegance outside, the new Lady Dior series package shall also full of future urban style, like a totem embroidery design package and metal lines are an extension of the concept of early autumn series Raf Simons.




Lady Dior 2015 early autumn series of fashion

The new Lady Dior ad showing a taste of freedom, Marion Cotillardy play will be women walking alone in the desert, to the distant view, it seems a little confused, but found nothing but sticks at cleverly echoes the new season started in the strong sense of the future and geometric totem studded with sequins Lady Dior bag.




Lady Dior 2015 early autumn series of new

Lady Dior bag shall fully and completely demonstrated skillful artisan process, the entire experience rests hundred artisans procedure completed, Lady Dior bag models the latest quarter futuristic modern decorative art in general to bring elegance, extravagance.




Lady Dior 2015 early autumn series of fashion

Under the background of desert, is highlighting the “future urban style” theme, Marion handheld metallic leather handbags, wearing metallic sense skirt, sexy and dignified, holding the hands of the public telephone dial symbolizes her the last number. The film personally directed by renowned fashion photographer (Peter Lindbergh).




Lady Dior 2015 early autumn series of new

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