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Chanel Small Crochet Lambskin Flap Bag
Style code: A93950
Size: 5.9 x 7.9′ x 3.1′ inches
Price: $3200 USD, €2990 euro, £2210 GBP, $4990 SGD


Chanel Small Crochet Lambskin Flap Bag
Style code: A93950
Size: 5.9 x 7.9′ x 3.1′ inches
Price: $3200 USD, €2990 euro, £2210 GBP, $4990 SGD


Chanel Small Crochet Lambskin Flap Bag
Style code: A93950
Size: 5.9 x 7.9′ x 3.1′ inches
Price: $3200 USD, €2990 euro, £2210 GBP, $4990 SGD

Ladies, do not only look at the Classic & Boy Bags, the seasonal bags also deserve your attention.

Presenting the Chanel Small Crochet Flap Bag, lovely. You see, we adore the colors; they’re cute and feminine. And with the CC logo in the front, this bag is perfect and chic. Choose between pink, yellow and orange, these colors are timeless. Carry it in the winter and summer.


Chanel Small Lambskin Backpack
Style code: A94417
Size: 13′ x 7.9′ x 3.1′ inches
Price: $3300 USD, €3100 euro, £2290 GBP, $5180 SGD


Chanel Large Metallic Lambskin Backpack
Style code: A94430
Size: 16.9′ x 9.1′ x 3.5′ inches
Price: $3500 USD, €3300 euro, £2440 GBP, $5510 SGD

Some adore it, others do not. But it’s really one-of-a-kind, the Chanel Lambskin Backpack with Classic Flap in the front. It’s the drawstring bag that we featured before Chanel released it on their site. For those that are interested, they come in two sizes; Small and large.

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Chanel Make-up Case Minaudiere
Style code: A91055
Size: 5.5′ x 5.1′ x 5.5′ inches
Price: $3000 USD, €2850 euro, £2110 GBP, $4760 SGD

What’s more? Please meet this tiny Make-Up Case. It’s too cute to not write about it. Crafted from patent calfskin, you can carry it by hand with the short interwoven chain. Pity you cannot carry it on your shoulder because that would make this bag perfect. Oh well, for those that adore it, you can use it as an evening item too. The options are endless.

So what do you think?


Chanel Coco Rain Camera Case Bag in Multicolor or Single Color
Style code: A93156
Size: 6.3′ x 7.9′ x 3′ inches
Price: $2400 USD, €2270 euro, £1680 GBP, $3790 SGD


Chanel Coco Rain Flap Bag
Style code: A93153
Size: 4.7′ x 8.3′ x 2′ inches
Price: $2400 USD, €2080 euro, £1540 GBP, $3470 SGD


Chanel Tweed Flap Bag
Style code: A91011
Size: 5.5′ x 10.2′ x 2.4′ inches
Price: $2800 USD, €2600 euro, £1920 GBP, $4340 SGD


Chanel Tweed Flap Bag
Style code: A91011
Size: 5.5′ x 10.2′ x 2.4′ inches
Price: $2800 USD, €2600 euro, £1920 GBP, $4340 SGD


Chanel Tweed Flap Bag
Style code: A91011
Size: 5.5′ x 10.2′ x 2.4′ inches
Price: $2800 USD, €2600 euro, £1920 GBP, $4340 SGD


Chanel Braided Trim Tweed Flap Bag
Style code: A91041
Size: 5.9′ x 10′ x 2.8′ inches
Price: $5500 USD, €5100 euro, £3770 GBP, $8510 SGD


Chanel Thin Striped Flap Bag
Style code: A93948
Size: 5.5′ x 9.1′ x 3.9′ inches
Price: $3000 USD, €2650 euro, £1920 GBP, $4420 SGD


Chanel Black Patchwork Drawstring Bag in Lambskin and Suede
Style code: A94844
Size: 11.8′ x 11.8′ x 7.1′ inches
Price: $4300 USD, €3990 euro, £2950 GBP, $6660 SGD


Chanel Multicolor Patchwork Drawstring Bag in Suede Calfskin and Lambskin
Style code: A94844
Size: 11.8′ x 11.8′ x 7.1′ inches
Price: $4300 USD, €3990 euro, £2950 GBP, $6660 SGD


Chanel Silk and Lambskin Backpack
Style code: A93935
Size: 15′ x 24.8′ x 5.9′ inches
Price: $3400 USD, €3250 euro, £2400 GBP, $5430 SGD


Chanel Mini Two-Tone Flap Bag (left)
Style code: A91057
Size: 4.7′ x 7.1′ x 2.4′ inches
Price: $2900 USD, €2580 euro, £1910 GBP, $4310 SGD
Chanel Medium Two-Tone Flap Bag (right)
Style code: A91022
Size: 6.7′ x 10.2′ x 3′ inches
Price: $3500 USD, €2980 euro, £2200 GBP, $4980 SGD


Chanel Small Two-Tone Flap Bag
Style code: A91021
Size: 5.5′ x 9.1′ x 2.6′ inches
Price: $3300 USD, €2750 euro, £2030 GBP, $4590 SGD


Chanel Herringbone Quilted Medium Camera Case Bag (left)
Style code: A93132
Size: 6.7′ x 9.8′ x 3.1′ inches
Price: $4500 USD, €4170 euro, £3080 GBP, $6960 SGD
Chanel Herringbone Quilted Small Camera Case Bag (right)
Style code: A93131
Size: 5.9′ x 8.7′ x 2.4′ inches
Price: $3900 USD, €3610 euro, £2670 GBP, $6030 SGD


Chanel Herringbone Quilted Flap Bag
Style code: A93128
Size: 5.9′ x 8.7′ x 2.4′ inches
Price: $3600 USD, €3250 euro, £2400 GBP, $5430 SGD


Chanel Crochet-Work Flap Bag
Style code: A93927
Size: 6.7′ x 10.6′ x 2.8′ inches
Price: $4800 USD, €4120 euro, £3050 GBP, $6880 SGD

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Fendi Cruise 2016 Bag Campaign

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How fun could it be if we met? We could sit on the terrace on a sunny day…sipping cocktail (no alcohol at afternoon) and talking about handbags all day long – Chanel bags, Dior bags, Price increases, where to shop and there are no ending stories about FENDI handbags.

Yes it’s almost time to release the Cruise 2016 Collection, so FENDI dropped the ad campaign as a teaser.

And ladies… it’s an OMG teaser. Highlights please!

A lovely bag, like a baby – Embellished with sequins and rose studs (by the way, the studs looks like yummie candies). So cute that I want to have it now. And so tiny that you can carry it with just one finger. I hope it comes with a shoulder strap because that will be ‘perfect’!

Looking at the front-clasp, I guess this bag is the Fendi Baby PeekaBoo.


Because we’re talking about baby bags, how about we finish it with the ‘Bag Bugs Backpack’ in tiny size. It’s the exact same bag bugs backpack only it has shrunk until it cannot get smaller. It’s a beautiful bag and they should put a wrist-strap around it or better a shoulder strap because…

I do not think you can carry it on your shoulder.

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Louis Vuitton


In addition to the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2016 Runway Bag Collection, Juergen Teller shot some new and exciting images to give us some sneak peak about the handbags.

The new print (which we have already talked before), is the next level of luxury. The Crisscross lining, inspired by the Classic Luggage, has been embellished with studs between the crosses. These studs give a new and modernized appeal, as well as the 3D LV signature in silver or golden hardware.

Get obsessed about the new Louis Vuitton Pochette Bag, because it’s beyond gorgeous.


I am not sure what to say about this bag. It’s designed in tri-color – blue handles, black and white. It gives a sense of vintage, a bag from the 80’s or perhaps that’s what this Ad Campaign is trying to display. But I love the iconic LV locker in the center, as well as the luggage tag.

The Louis Vuitton Petite Malle Shoulder Bag is determined to become the next iconic. And finally it’s also available in exotic leather, behold the croc version in orange-brown. The Petite Malle is like the tiny version of the Classic Luggage Bag.


And you what we love the most, the Louis Vuitton backpack in Monogram Canvas and you know why? Because the size is pretty – it’s small and looks incredible hot on your back. Don’t belief us? See more here: Louis Vuitton 2015 Runway Bag Collection.

















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Wherever Karl Lagerfeld goes, expect a well-heeled crowd to follow! Last monday Karl shared his latest runway presentation for the resort season in Seoul, South Korea. People such as Gisele Bundchen, Kristen Stewart, Tilda Swinton and Isabelle Huppert took over the front row. The models were made up like manga kewpies. Their hair concealed under big hats of braided black hair was a reference to Korean tradition. The vibrant colors were incorporated into the typical Chanel tweed, matching two-piece suit, cheery rugs and other spectacular creations. His collection was perfect, as always! I wouldn’t mind having some pieces for in my closet. What about you? Do you like the collection? Let me know by leaving a comment.

Waar Karl Lagerfeld ook naar toe gaat, je kunt altijd een welgesteld publiek verwachten die hem volgen. Afgelopen maandag deelde Karl zijn laatste collectie voor het resort seizoen in Seoul, Zuid-Korea. Gisele Bundchen, Kristen Stewart, Tilda Swinton en o.a. Isabelle Huppert namen de voorste rij over. De modellen werden gemaakt als manga kewpies. Hun haar werd verborgen onder grote hoeden van gevlochten zwart haar. Het was een verwijzing naar de Koreaanse traditie. De vibrante kleuren werden verwerkt in de typische Chanel-tweed, matching deux-pièces, vrolijke kleedjes en andere spectaculaire creaties. Zijn collectie was perfect, zoals altijd! Ik zou het niet erg vinden om een aantal items te hebben voor in mijn kast. En jij? Ben je weg van de collectie? Laat het me weten door een reactie achter te laten. 


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Gucci’s Cruise 2015 Collection is Full of Luxurious Minimalism


Gucci Bamboo Daily Python Flap Shoulder Bag

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Chanel Cruise 2015 Ad Campaign


As we are patiently waiting for CHANEL to reveal their Cruise 2015 Bag Collection and the Spring Summer 2015 Bag Collection, for now, we have only spotted a few.

READ: Chanel Spring Summer 2015 Runway Bag Collection

And now that Chanel released their first Cruise 2015 Ad Campaign, we are still not seeing a lot of handbags. Here are the highlights:

Model Joan Smalls is carrying the Chanel Classic Flap Bag in Blue tweed. We know that the Fall Winter 2014 Collection is loaded with velvet handbags, embellished in the iconic’s like the Wallet on Chains and the Classic flap Bags, perhaps for the next release, tweed will be the new thing.

Also a mini bag in golden embellishment has been spotted. It looks more like the extra mini classic flap bag.

Here’s another Classic Flap Bag in multicolor tweed and flower prints. Are you going to bite it?

So what do you think? Love or not?









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