Is This Even A Fake Birkin Bag?


It’s amazing to see how many replica sites appear in the course of a year but not many last. I’ve recently received this review of a fake Birkin Bag and I was curious to see what this new site is all about. Review

You know what the thing is with these new replica websites? Even though they are not scam, most of the time they are not reputable or professional either.

This review is useful because I think many could get tempted by this replica site. They have a diverse selection of replica bags and they are pretty cheap too. I’m sure that their photos are of replica handbags and not authentic bags but at the same time they are not consistent or detailed enough.

A new friend of the blog came across this replica site in her search of a replica Hermes Birkin and here is her review:

“Hi Eva!

I recently bought my first replica bag and that’s how I found your blog. While I don’t have experience with replicas, I love fashion and I read about designer bags all the time.

I discovered this replica site through a Facebook group and I said I could give it a try because they had a 15 days return policy anyway. Now that I’ve learned more about replicas I know that the bag was actually really expensive considering the poor quality.

The experience with this site was not great which is why I even sent this review even though I’ve already returned the bag. Paying for the bag was a hassle and contacting their customer support team was a nightmare! The payment processing page did not work when I tried to fill in my card details and it took forever to get an answer for their CS. You can only talk to them through a contact form which is really frustrating when you have a serious problem like that.

The bag arrived after 8 days and I was in shock! I don’t know what that was, but it was definitely not a Birkin! It looked so terrible, you can see it in the photos I attached! I had to pay the shipping costs and I had to send tens of messages and even threaten them to finally get my money back!

Please let other women know about this too!”

Fake Birkin Bag Front View

Fake Birkin Bag Front View

Fake Birkin Bag Inside View

Fake Birkin Bag Inside View

Fake Birkin Bag Bottom View

Fake Birkin Bag Bottom View

Fake Birkin Bag Hardware

Fake Birkin Bag Hardware

Fake Birkin Bag Defect

Fake Birkin Bag Defect

This has to be one of the worst Hermes knockoff bags I’ve ever seen! It looks more like an inspired Birkin, not a replica. I think you can find something better even in a flea market!

I’m really glad that you got your money back in the end but this replica site still looks really shady to me. I would have probably canceled my order the moment I realized they are so difficult to reach. Trustworthy replica sites are also easy to reach because they have nothing to hide. This is why I’m sure that this site will not last for long if they don’t change the way they treat their customers!

Girls, I know that things like low prices and free delivery are tempting but it’s not just about that! If they seem unprofessional and make it difficult for you to contact them, stay away!

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$221,000 Hermès Birkin Sets New Record for Handbag Auction

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A maximum price that collectors are willing to pay for a rare Hermès Birkin surely exists, but based on a Christie’s auction in Hong Kong on Monday, we have yet to find it. One bidder is now the proud owner of the pink crocodile Birkin you see above, to the tune of $221,844.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Christie’s did not reveal the identity of the bag’s new owner, who bid via phone, although the auction house did say that the majority of the auction’s bidders were private Asian collectors. The sale included 366 lots that sold for a total of nearly $6 million, which easily beat the auction’s estimate of $3.25 million. The ever-increasing amount collectors are willing to pay for bags is surprising even to those who make a business of selling them.

The bag is made of Porosus crocodile, with diamonds set into its gold hardware. The previous auction record for a handbag was $218,500 for an evening bag owned by Elizabeth Taylor, also at a Christie’s auction, according to Business of Fashion. The previous record for an Hermès bag was over $203,000 for a similar Birkin in red from Heritage Auctions in 2011.

A price ceiling for these bags exists somewhere, but as the Asian market continues to grow, it’s unlikely that we’ve found it quite yet.

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Heritage Auctions’ Super Rare Hermès Birkin Sold For $185,000



Not long ago, we brought you the tale of one very rare bag: the Hermès Himalayan Crocodile Birkin above, complete with pavé diamond hardware. The bag, arguably the most sought-after in the world, was about to be sold at Heritage Auctions in Beverly Hills, and some speculated that it might break price records. It didn’t quite make it that high, but it did sell for more than a respectable family home does in many perfectly lovely areas of our fine country.

The record-holder that the Himalayan bag needed to beat was that of another diamond-encrusted crocodile Birkin sold by Heritage, that one in glossy red. It sold for over $200,000, and I still can’t figure out exactly why; it’s a beautiful bag, for sure, but it’s not one that’s known to be rarer than any other exotic, diamond-encrusted Birkin. Perhaps the wife of an oil baron just particularly liked the color.

At any rate, the person who snapped up this Himalayan can count themselves lucky; Hermès has no plans to make additional Himalayan bags available and they’re considered extremely desirable to ultra-rich bag collectors, so snagging one at any price is something of a coup.

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Kim Kardashian Still Loves Her Hermès So Black Birkin


Kim Kardashian Hermes So Black Birkin

Here’s Kim Kardashian, leaving the dermatologist’s office after what was obviously just a quick consultation that did NOT involve Botox injections in low key, all-black gym clothes. Kim is carrying her trusty Hermès So Black Birkin. We’ve seen Kim carry this gorgeous bag numerous times, and I would guess that it’s probably her all-time fave. (It’s the exorbitantly priced black handbag that goes with everything! But Amanda contends that Hermès bags are totally worth the money.)

Kim, of course, has her own extra-ridiculous edition of our popular “Many Bags” series, and you can see the bulk of her collection in “The Many, Many Bags of Kim Kardashian.” (The extra “many” was completely warranted.) It’s also worth perusing the comments section, which, as you might expect, has morphed into an epic, ongoing debate about Kim’s fashion choices/general likability. (As does every Kardashian post on the entire Internet.)

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Irina Shayk Appears to Have a New Croc Birkin


Irina Shayk Hermes Crocodile Birkin

Here’s Irina Shayk, who definitely wins the prize for NYC’s most casual supermodel (RESPECT), going for a little morning walk in NYC while wearing flip flops, a sweatshirt and cut-off shorts, as well as carrying a glossy Hermès Crocodile Birkin. There is a small chance it might be alligator, but croc is more common for Hermès bags. We’ve never seen Irina with this bag before, so we’re guessing this is a fairly recent acquisition.

This isn’t Irina’s only Birkin, of course. We saw her with a bright blue Hermes Birkin back in June. Irina doesn’t have her own edition of “The Many Bags of…” just yet, but I suspect she’s probably on Amanda’s shortlist. In the meantime, you can check out more of Irina’s best bags in “50+ Bags on the Arms of Our Favorite Supermodels.”

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Heidi Klum and Her Birkin Write the Book on Chic Air Travel


Heidi Klum Hermes Birkin

Here’s Heidi Klum, arriving at the airport in LA looking perfectly styled and coifed while carrying a tan leather Hermès Birkin. Heidi occasionally looks like a bit of a designer boho mess, despite the fact that she is a supermodel, so this is notable. You can see Heidi’s many air travel ensembles (and all of her best handbags, natch) in “The Many Bags of Heidi Klum.”

If you want more tips for jet-setting in style, you should look to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley; no one on the planet does air travel more stylishly than she. You would also be well served to study up on “50 Celebrities and the Bags They Carried to Fly out of LAX This Summer.”

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