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CELINE handbags in 2014 launched a new Belt early autumn series. Belt handbags perfect for CELINE 2014 early autumn series soft and elegant overall shape, texture, diverse, rich colors.
2014 early autumn series launched a new Celine Belt handbags, the brand continues to lead the classic minimalist fashion inverted T-shaped section of the package.
Belt handbags, as the name implies, to a clean and simple knot slim leather belt, throughout the bag body, to inject a touch of elegant appearance and lively fun. Neat clamshell cut, decorated with knotted with a perfect match. Under the flip, the built-in zipper Twill fit design adds practicality and safety. Clamshell design and clever use of the handle, completely missing any metal parts on the exterior, with high standards of cortical selection and processing technology, the whole bag body more lightweight feel.
Belt handbags perfect for CELINE 2014 early autumn series of soft and elegant overall design, with smooth calfskin calfskin or natural color models monochrome models also have the luxury of crocodile skin color models, color, we have the navy blue, black, gray, white milk rich choice of monochrome or color brown, applied to the different needs of everyday dress, elegant throughout the autumn.





These Celine handbags know what you are?
Classic (launch date: Fall 2010)
Phoebe Philo White Celine launched the first package type, the classic series. After a launch quickly became popular, has become the family of Celine luggage basic styles.
Cabas (launch date: Fall 2010)
Ordinary shopping bags inspired Cabas is the major street shooting star when the heart is good, but also a direct result of the popularity of large handbags.
Luggage (launch date: Fall 2010)
Luggage Handbags, who bore a striking resemblance with its package design face named, is best known Celine representative bags.
Blade (Release Date: Spring 2011)
Bust clamshell design bag, Celine bag is the enduring classic style.
Trapeze (launch date: Winter 2011)
Because swing shaped like a swing named Celine bag is the most famous medium of a package, together with a Celine Luggage largest selling two-inclusive.
Tie (launch date: 2012 early autumn)
Tie in fact, can be counted as fit version Luggage smiley package and Trapeze Swing package, the integration of these two best-selling package type design elements.
Diamond (Release Date: Summer 2012)
Diamond hand bag, small bag Celine behalf, because the shape of the bag body color a diamond segment diamond named.
Trio (launch date: 2013 Winter)
The bag has a classic, because it is a combination of three bags, a bag of three-body, consisting of three packets Trio has set off a new exploration method good package – rolled half to take law.

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The first time that the Belt Bag was launched, we knew it was something unique and not only because it has two long tentacles on the front.

By the way, the two long straps (tentacles) are quite elegant and unique, have you seen a bag like this before?

But then again everything what Celine makes is quite exclusive, think of the luggage bag… famous because the front looks like a face-expression.

The Celine Belt Bag is minimal, usually they come in single colors. It has expanded sides, almost like two wings for the purpose of more storage. The common leather to make this bag is calfskin, which is strong and durable.

Now for the Spring Summer 2015 Collection, we want to share with you the bag that’s available in store. Check out them out below.




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