Hermes Bourlingue Shoulder Bag


‘A Sporting Life’ is the famous phrase for Hermes latest collection and clearly there’s a meaning behind the line. And I would love to adjust the words to ‘A Sporting Chic’ because that’s what Christophe Lemaire’s spring summer 2014 is all about; filled with sporty and elegant ambience that captures the interest of every modernist. And well interpreted for all travelers’ essentials.

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No fluffy and floral paints for the ladylike addicts, but a more masculine line to uplift the spirit of the independent women. Givenchy has done quite well helping women to express their attitude through their design; representing strength and courage. And don’t forget Chanel’s boy bags that have become a hit in the market. What can I say? It’s trending right not; boyish simply rocks.

For women, the new Hermes collection consists of the Soie-Cool and the Bourlingue bag. While the Soie-cool is crafted from silk and inspired by Gym bags, the Bourlingue is the reflection of the 1976 Hermes over the shoulder bag. Yep, that’s what Hermes good at; making the past come alive. We are safe to say that it is the modern interpretation, made in Taurillon Clémence leather and in Barénia calfskin.

Painted in curry-yellow, pink-red or beige (partly made from H-cotton). Supported with an adjustable shoulder strap, it’s a simple bag but put together by amazing craftsmanship for every occasions.

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Hermes Silky City in Izmir Blue


Kourtney Kardashian Proenza Schouler PS1 Backpack

As Spring is about to kick in, you might want to consider buying a lighter bag for the convenient use. New from this season’s collection is the Hermes Silky City bag in Izmir Blue, printed with the symbolic horse.

The beautiful print is one of Hermes’s artful designs, it’s called ‘Coup de Fouet’. Painted with grown-up colors like darker green, yellow and blue with two leather basis on both edges. The leather strap is made from natural barenia calfskin, all high quality materials.

I usually pack a tote for short traveling, but I’d like to wear an additional light bag for emergency stuff. The Hermes Silky City bag is not only strong, but it’s purposely made thin and light. And it also goes great with your summer outfits.

Measuring 13’ x 13’ x 0.5’ (size PM), it comes with a little pouch that is attached on the interior. 

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Hermes Double Sens Tote in Croco Chiffon


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This bag here, the Hermes Double Sens tote, is one of the most coveted luxuries apart from the Birkin and Kelly of course. Talking about bags that are never full, This one is amazingly constructed, strong and grown-up.

A special release for the Fall and Winter collection, Hermes has retro the Double Sens bag in new exotic leather. It’s beautiful, we love it and perhaps want to take it home, but there’s a barrier. Crafted from Mississippiensis alligator skin, you need to max the fuck out of your credit card in order to pass through security gate. But if your wallet is as deep as the Marianas Trench and you know you’ve been a good girl this year, then why not treat yourself something sweet.

The double Sens is embossed with the logo Hermes Paris on the interior, that’s at least what Hermes can do after you paid. It’s the ideal tote to call it extraordinary, for the fashionista who loves the style of the modern heiress, carry it for shopping, brag it in the evening and work it at…uhh work!

Made from impeccable material and elegantly colored, there are two shades that you will adore; green-gray and lawn green. Measuring 14’’ x 11’’ x 10.5’’ and a handle that’s 8.6’’ in height. 

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Heritage Auctions’ Super Rare Hermès Birkin Sold For $185,000



Not long ago, we brought you the tale of one very rare bag: the Hermès Himalayan Crocodile Birkin above, complete with pavé diamond hardware. The bag, arguably the most sought-after in the world, was about to be sold at Heritage Auctions in Beverly Hills, and some speculated that it might break price records. It didn’t quite make it that high, but it did sell for more than a respectable family home does in many perfectly lovely areas of our fine country.

The record-holder that the Himalayan bag needed to beat was that of another diamond-encrusted crocodile Birkin sold by Heritage, that one in glossy red. It sold for over $200,000, and I still can’t figure out exactly why; it’s a beautiful bag, for sure, but it’s not one that’s known to be rarer than any other exotic, diamond-encrusted Birkin. Perhaps the wife of an oil baron just particularly liked the color.

At any rate, the person who snapped up this Himalayan can count themselves lucky; Hermès has no plans to make additional Himalayan bags available and they’re considered extremely desirable to ultra-rich bag collectors, so snagging one at any price is something of a coup.

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Hermes Spring 2014 Collection: Shoe La La, Bags And Hats


First we have all kinds of fashionista’s; chic, casual, studded, goth and even fast, but where-oh-where are the jungle fashionista’s? Get ready, set… let’s take a magnifying glass and see what Hermes spring 2014 has prepared for us. These accessories are going to be in store next year.

Do you love? From Shoe La La to bags and hats inspired by the French painter Henri Rousseau. Put them on to follow the trend that Christophe Lemaire, creative director Hermés, has sets in his imagination. We’d recall that the Hermés woman is a traveler and an adventure, she is picky when it comes to the selection of colors.

Chanel bag size comparison

Dressing safe is the quickest way to mediocre, don’t settle for less. Love the boldness of color mixes, like the new Hermes Sandals in sky-blue, orange-red, yellow and black. Put your white and green hate on when chilling on the beach or reading a book. Wear banana-inspired or the melon-green pumps to brighten up the night.

It will work, use a bit of your fantasy, hold on to the frame of your look and people will start to notice and take over your imagination. With a little jungle-help of Hermes, you are already half-way through.

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Hermes Revamps the Online Buying Experience of Scarves


Hermes recently did a big revamp of their website to make the buying experience of scarves that much more fun.  The new section is dubbed “La Maison de Carrés” and the new website allows customers to endlessly scroll through the entire online selection in one easy scroll. The new shopping experience is great for those who like to browse but has unlimited types of filtering available to allow for easier sorting, from size, price, color and scarf type. Welcome from  jacket outlet shop to purchase.

Some negatives from the new format is that the interface appears to be more suitable to browsing on an Ipad or Tablet since its not too intuitive on how to close the sidebar (clicking anywhere else on the screen) as it doesn’t minimize automatically once you’ve picked your filter selections.  Also, some of the videos of the models wearing scarves are not matched to the scarf you are currently viewing, although this is likely going to be remedied once all new videos are shot.

Try it yourself, the new Hermes “La Maison de Carrés” Scarves Store is Live!

Hermes La Maison de Carres

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