Gucci Cruise 2015 Ad Campaign



How deep is your pocket?

Gucci has everything in store, from handcrafted Guccissima Leather Shoe Trunk to luxurious Bright Diamante Handbag.

A few weeks ago, we presented the Gucci Jackie Soft Flap Bag – a classic shoulder bag that has been brought back to life. It’s beautified with the famous ‘piston closure’, on it printed with Gucci signature.

What is yesterday is now history; it’s time to move on to the next stage, presenting the Gucci Cruise 2015 Ad Campaign. And of course, we mainly highlighted the handbags.


First what we want to note you is the brand-new Gucci Bamboo Top Handle. And if you’ve been ambitiously following our website, then you must have read our review. But for those that missed it, please go here:

READ: Gucci Bamboo Daily Top Handle


Next, the Gucci Backpack with Bamboo handle. As the backpack trend is moving higher and higher, Gucci needs to upgrade their collection. This backpack is the typical ‘Gucci’ Bag, with strong mature leather embellishment, bamboo closures and bamboo handles. Perfect for travelling, ideal as a weekend bag.


Then for those that desire classics, this tote bag is big enough to store an elephant. All right, that’s exaggerated but the spacious is enormous. If you have a busy lifestyle, continuously moving from A to B without a break and you need to have everything with you, all the time. Then this bag will do.






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Rachel Zoe Pucks Pumpkins with Her Kids and a Gucci Bag


Rachel Zoe Gucci Nouveau Fringe Suede Bag

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Gucci Creates the Perfect Collection with Jackie Soft


Gucci Jackie Soft (1)

Gucci has been a handbag highlight for me for what feels like seasons on end. From Bright Diamante to Fringe to Bamboo, each new collection has found a way to win me over. Now, Gucci has sealed my everlasting love with the Jackie Soft collection, a nod to the house classic Jackie bag.

The Gucci Jackie dates back to the 1960s, when it found a namesake in Jackie Onassis. Much like Ms. Onassis, the bag became an instant icon, and the Jackie Soft is a modern reinterpretation with supple-yet-durable leather in five different styles, all in a range of colors and skins.

Gucci Jackie Soft (4)

The collection includes sage green and nut brown crocodile; soft leather in shades as diverse as candy pink, aqua and mustard yellow; python in shades of bordeaux and aquamarine; and classic neutrals, like black and beige. And that’s only scratching the surface of the muted, rich tones you’ll find in the Jackie Soft collection.

Kate Moss stars in the campaign for Gucci Jackie Soft, and the juxtaposition of her and Jackie O seems fitting–a thoroughly modern evolution of a classic bag gets a thoroughly modern representative. The ads also highlight the new design’s versatility; the Jackie Soft is an ideal classic, but it’s contemporary enough to translate well on not-so-traditional women as well.

I look at so many bags that finding one that really grabs my attention is quite the feat, but the Jackie Soft did just that from the beginning. I love the elegant feel, but the soft leather gives a more approachable edge to the design. The leather is touchable, but the bag looks like it will last for years to come.

Gucci Jackie Soft (8)

Gucci Jackie Soft Leather Flap Shoulder Bag, $2,350 via Gucci

Gucci Jackie Soft (9)

Gucci Jackie Soft Leather Flap Shoulder Bag, $2,350 via Gucci

My personal favorite is the Jackie Soft Leather Flap Shoulder Bag, and whether you opt for crocodile, python or soft leather, you can’t go wrong. The bag is large enough to carry everything you need for your daily life, but it’s also not too large to be carried at night. I simply adore this bag and its beyond-usable interior, which has five pouch pockets of varying sizes for easy organization.

Gucci Jackie Soft (5)

Gucci Jackie Soft Crocodile Clutch, $15,500 via Gucci

Gucci Jackie Soft (6)

Gucci Jackie Soft Python Clutch, $3,100 via Gucci

The Jackie Soft Clutch is much like the shoulder bag in its design, just without the shoulder strap. The larger shape makes an instant statement, and like the whole collection, the materials and colors offered are diverse.

Gucci Jackie Soft Hobo

Gucci Jackie Soft Hobo, $2,990 via Gucci

Gucci Jackie Soft Hobo, $2,990 via Gucci

Gucci Jackie Soft Hobo, $2,990 via Gucci

In a nod to the original Jackie Hobo, the Jackie Soft Hobo is undeniably chic. The bag hugs nicely to your body, with ample drop between the handle and opening of the bag. I imagine Jacqueline Onassis carrying the beige crocodile option, which is perfection in every way.

Gucci Jackie Soft (1)

Gucci Jackie Soft Crocodile Top Handle, $31,000 via Gucci

Gucci Jackie Soft (2)

Gucci Jackie Soft Crocodile Top Handle – Closure Detail, $31,000 via Gucci

Gucci Jackie Soft (3)

Gucci Jackie Soft Crocodile Top Handle – Interior, $31,000 via Gucci

The Top Handle is ideal for someone who needs to carry more for their day-to-day life, and and both sizes of this shape come with an optional crossbody strap. I would love the smaller size for everyday use, while the larger size is what weekend trips call for.

Prices for the Jackie Soft Collection range from $895 for the convertible wallet to $31,000 for a crocodile top handle. The candy pink shoulder bag is an online exclusive (and personal favorite)

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Gucci Travel Bag 2014 Collection



Every girl needs this and every girl needs that, but one thing I am certain we all need is a chunky oversized bag. Perhaps too big or too heavy to swing as an everyday bag, but there are times it can be very handy. And when you need one, you will be swimming in your wardrobe, digging every bag out to find the perfect piece that suits your taste and match your outfit. I mean, we can’t flaunt with an ugly bag at our girls night right?

An ideal substitute for the Louis Vuitton Keepall Bag, the Keepall 55 in spring colors will cost you easily $3,650 USD. Though you might be purchasing it for the generous size and space, it comes with a shoulder strap and durable handle. Pick your favorite color between black, yellow or red for the spring summer wear.

Your Chanel GST can pack your today’s essentials, but an oversized bag can carry your three days survival pack. Imagine you, travelling a lot during the weekends – you need to sleep at your parent’s house, then to your friend’s house and you need your laptop, make-ups, clothes, extra-clothes, books and so much more. Instead of two bags, just pack then up in one single designer bag and you are ready to go. This new Gucci Bag is available at their boutiques, price should be around $1,600 USD.



And here are more of our Gucci hand-picked selection…





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Anna Dello Russo Shows Up to Paris Fashion Week in Chanel Sneaker-Boots


Anja Rubik Gucci Soho Disco Bag

Polish supermodel Anja Rubik was recently spotted carrying a cute little Gucci Soho Disco Bagwhile spending some time with her family in Warsaw. If only we could all look this nice (and unharried) after a casual family lunch in the city. You can find Anja’s exact bag at Gucci for $895.

A $895 Gucci bag is a comparatively affordable handbag choice for a supermodel. If you’d like to get a better feel for the kind of pricey designer swag we’re more accustomed to seeing on the arms of the world’s most beautiful women, be sure to check out “50+Bags on the Arms of Our Favorite Supermodels.”

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Gucci Jackie Soft Flap Bag



You know what kind of bag is fabulous? A glorious bag from the past, that once has shined and now forgotten. And to bring it back alive again through minor modification, so that it fits to our modern time.

The Chanel Classic Flap Bag is the perfect example, it was inspired by the Chanel 2.55 Flap Bag, made by Coco Chanel and released in 1955. Throughout the years this bag has been re-shaped, modified and re-painted numerous of times.

And now presenting the Gucci Jacky Soft Flap Bag, the creative director Frida Giannini of Gucci decided that it was time for the Classic Gucci Jackie Bag to rise again. And it’s not only a ‘Classic’, but also ‘Timeless’, you see, this bag can be worn in every season and it will stand by your side for a long time, crafted from both supple full grain pastel leather, it’s as durable as it can get.

Featuring the beautiful piston closure with Gucci’s signature on it, can you spot it? With sleek exotic skins, it’s a sophisticated beauty, the edges are entirely hand-painted. Carry it on your shoulder or cross body, allows the Gucci Jackie Soft Flap Bag to help you survive during the long fall and winter season.

You can find a multi-gusset in the interior, with a single open pocket. Measuring 10.6’ x 7.8’ x 3.1’ (W x H x D) inches, priced $2350 USD at Gucci e-store.





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