Gucci Soho Dark Brown


Gucci Soho Bag Front

One of my newest bags’ obsessions is the Gucci Soho. This is one of the latest additions on the original Gucci website and it features a unique style and an enhanced functionality, representing the perfect city bag. Remarkably, the purse is designed with simple lines, few aesthetic embellishments and a pronounced sense of versatility. It is the classic example of contemporary bag created to serve both our style and carrying needs.

Fake Gucci Soho Side

When I first decided that I must have this bag, I was blinded by its beauty and did not complete my research work on its design specifications. I only knew that I wanted a medium size Gucci Soho replica and started browsing online for a replica store that could supply a nice version at a decent price. In the meanwhile, I have discovered a thing or two about this model and I have realized that my purchase is a huge fail. Let me explain. Gucci makes this model only in metallic leather, regular leather, metallic python leather and denim. When I submitted my order for the Gucci Soho replica, I didn’t know that. This is why I have ordered a Gucci Soho made from brown ebony canvas. Now, that I have received the fake purse, I am highly disappointed as such version does not exist. I can’t actually wear the bag because everyone will be able to tell that it is a fake. Still, I must admit that this was entirely my fault. I am the one that did not research the bag correctly and this is why I am going to review it comparing every design detail to the one of the original product.

Gucci Soho Big Logo

The particularity of the Gucci Soho is represented by the embossed interlocking G letters logo and the tassel detail. It is a considerably spacious shoulder bag and it is available in two different sizes: large and medium. The large size measures 16.5″W x 14.2″H x 8.3″D while the medium one is 13.8″W x 11.4″H x 6.7″D. I find the medium version pretty big so the large one seem huge to me. This is why I can’t comprehend how many things you need to carry with you in order to justify buying the larger one. Also, the handles are available in leather or metallic chains. I like the leather handles best as I find the chain ones slightly uncomfortable and rigid, especially if you need the bag for carrying heavy things.

Replica Gucci Soho Side

My Gucci Soho replica bag in brown ebony canvas is medium size. It is quite spacious and I could fit in many of my work and personal stuff without problems. The canvas fabric feels quite authentic and high quality, as it has a firm, but smooth texture without casting that exaggerated shine that we usually see at cheap replicas. Right in the center front part of the knockoff there is the iconic interlocking G letters logo in brown leather, also stitched with brown threads. The logo doesn’t seem to have any visible defects or loose threads, but it is slightly different than the logo we find on the original Gucci Soho. The G letters should be more contracted and narrow, but on the replica these are clearly rounder and more spaced apart.

Gucci Soho Close Up

If we study the shape of the bag, we find other differences between the original purse and the replica. For example, the authentic Gucci Soho has a rectangular shape with a wider base, while the sides are slightly contracted and make elegant creases. The exterior margins of the front and back sides of the purse are outlined by a double-stitched line. This accentuates the shape of the Soho bag and offers a nice refinement to its whole design. The replica doesn’t have this shape or the stitching details. The replica is just a simple square shaped purse.

Gucci Soho Inside Tag

On each side of the original bag, on the top part of the double-stitched margins there are two rectangular leather tabs that connect to a metal ring which holds an end of the leather handles. On the replica bag, the leather tabs sewn on the body of the purse are thicker and shorter, but what I must admit is that the quality of the leather is pretty decent. The leather handles are arched and have a considerable length, allowing you to comfortably carry the bag on your shoulder.

 On one of the metal rings that connect the handles to the body of the purse, there is the second detail that differentiates the Soho bag from the other Gucci Purses of its kind: the leather tassel. This is made from the same type of leather as the rest of the bag and features a metallic top from where the numerous strings start to flow freely. The fake bag manages to imitate this detail pretty nicely.

Gucci Soho Replica Bag Close Up

The Gucci Soho has a natural beige cotton linen lining that looks quite beautiful and simplistic. Surprisingly, my replica bag has the same type of textile lining and in the correct color. Also, at the interior there are a zip pocket and two smart phone pockets. The bag doesn’t have a zip closure; instead it has a hook closing system. The Soho fake bag has a center pocket that isn’t available on the original bag- it separates the interior of the purse in two sections and it closes with a zipper that protects your important belongings.

Just like the authentic bag, the Gucci Soho replica has a leather tab placed under the interior zipper pocket and this tag is embossed with the circled large R letter, “GUCCI” and “made in Italy”, each one on a separate row.

The Gucci Soho bags are available with silver and gold color hardware and each piece of metal is stamped with the Gucci name or logo. My replica has a nicely crafted yellow gold hardware with a very authentic look. I have also checked all the metal parts and these are all embossed with the brand’s name, including the protective metal feet.

There is no woman on earth that isn’t fascinated by the elegance and style of the beautiful Gucci bags. The brand’s newest success is represented by the launch of the modern and fashionable Soho line. This contemporary bag is perfect for all city gals that want to have a twist of luxury and functionality. If you are considering buying a Gucci Soho replica then you must be careful at all the aesthetic details and avoid making the mistake I did: ordering a bad fake.  Simply, read the above tips and you will surely manage to identify a perfect Gucci Soho replica!

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Gucci Icon Wallet On Strap



You love Gucci, you adore icons and you’re crazy about mini bags. Introducing the new Gucci Icon Wallet On Strap. The size of an oversized wallet, beautifully made in leather, yes instead of Wallet on Chain, let’s call it Wallet on Strap.

When we write something about Gucci, it got to be perfect. I mean near perfect, just like the Gucci Jacky Soft Flap Bag – Classic, Timeless and absolutely irresistible.

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The fine Italian craftsmanship is actually only the starter, the Gucci Icon Wallet on Strap feels butterly soft and luxurious, this accessory is well worth your investment. Choose your favorite color; rose beige, coral, light yellow or take the classic black. Made with a front-flap and a signature double G on the front that works like a snap button closure, refined with light-fine gold hardware. The interior is quite rich, featuring a zip pocket and ten card slots, ideal for the evenings. It comes with a long adjustable shoulder strap to carry cross body, or remove the shoulder strap to turn it into a wallet or a night-clutch.

Measuring 7.4’ x 3.9’ x 1.3’ (W x H x D) inches, priced at $730 USD via Gucci e-store.




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This Is How A Replica Gucci Boston Bag Should Look Like!


I don’t usually get excited about replica Gucci monogram bags because either the canvas looks cheap or the monogram is crooked. But this Replica Gucci Vintage Web Boston Bag made me reconsider my attitude. Review

This is one of the best replica Gucci bags I own so I thought you should see it too. Here are the details you should check to see if a replica Gucci Monogram bag is spot on or not. You got to know your stuff!

The Gucci Vintage Web Boston bag is a classic and it’s one of my favorite monogrammed bags from Gucci. So you can see why I really wanted it to be mine!

Here are some photos of it:

Replica Gucci Vintage Web Boston Bag Front View

Replica Gucci Vintage Web Boston Bag Front View

Replica Gucci Vintage Web Boston Bag Side View

Replica Gucci Vintage Web Boston Bag Side View

Replica Gucci Vintage Web Boston Bag Bottom View

Replica Gucci Vintage Web Boston Bag Bottom View

Replica Gucci Vintage Web Boston Bag Web Detail

Replica Gucci Vintage Web Boston Bag Web Detail

Replica Gucci Vintage Web Boston Bag Handle

Replica Gucci Vintage Web Boston Bag Handle

Replica Gucci Vintage Web Boston Bag Detachable Shoulder Strap

Replica Gucci Vintage Web Boston Bag Detachable Shoulder Strap

Replica Gucci Vintage Web Boston Bag Hardware

Replica Gucci Vintage Web Boston Bag Hardware

Replica Gucci Vintage Web Boston Bag Zipper Pull

Replica Gucci Vintage Web Boston Bag Zipper Pull

Replica Gucci Vintage Web Boston Bag Zipper

Replica Gucci Vintage Web Boston Bag Zipper

Replica Gucci Vintage Web Boston Bag Inside View

Replica Gucci Vintage Web Boston Bag Inside View

Replica Gucci Vintage Web Boston Bag Interior Leather Label

Replica Gucci Vintage Web Boston Bag Interior Leather Label

Replica Gucci Vintage Web Boston Bag Serial Number

Replica Gucci Vintage Web Boston Bag Serial Number

In case some of you girls are planning to buy this Gucci replica bag, here are the essential elements you should check: the monogram canvas, the leather trimmings, the stitching, the web detail, the serial number, the lining and the leather tag.

The leather label inside should feature the “Gucci” brand name, a registered trademark circled R and heat embossed “Made in Italy. You should always check if the font, the spacing and the positioning are good. The serial number that Gucci uses the most is the one that two sets of numbers one above the other.

The web detail and the Monogram Canvas are two of the most recognizable Gucci features, so if you’re planning to buy a replica Gucci Vintage Boston bag, make sure they are perfectly made! The web is a tri-colored strip placed vertically at the center of the bag. The green/red/green coloring this replica Gucci purse has is the most common. The coloring and the canvas texture and pattern have to be exact!

I also like that the stitching is neat, even and straight. High-quality Gucci replica purses should always have perfect stitching, no doubt about it.
Even though it’s natural to assume that leather trimmings are made of actual leather, sometimes they are not. Some replica manufacturers use imitation leather that looks cheap and easily peels off. This is why I told you it’s also essential to check the trimmings!

Note that the hardware is light gold. If it’s too yellow gold or silver, then it’s not good.

So this is it ladies, I’m sure that the pictures are already proof enough that this replica Gucci bag from is to die for! Of course, only if you’re a fan of the Gucci Monogram style. By the way, have you seen their new site design? It looks great!

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Gucci Mini Bamboo Shopper Tote



On March 2014 Gucci announced the release of a brand-new handbag, the Bamboo Shopper Tote. Oh what a stunning accessory it is – made from the finest natural-grain leather, impeccable craftsmanship and painted with shiny color, the handles represent the signature of the brand, they are crafted with bamboo’s.

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Now half year later, Gucci re-announced the Bamboo Shopper Tote, but then in the ‘mini’ version, and we know that everything with a mini or baby in its name is worth taking a look. Here you go, the Gucci Mini Bamboo Shopper Tote.

So what’s the changed besides the size?

This mini bag is small, but its iconic bamboo handle and elegant shape make it the perfect cocktail attire accomplice. It comes with a shoulder strap for multiple ways of carrying, but you want to just stick with the handles if you love fashion. The front is embossed with Gucci trademark, refined with light fine gold hardware.

The interior is made with open pockets and the bag can be closed or opened with a top snap closure, measuring 8’ x 6.6’ x 3.5’ (W x H x D) inches, priced at $1,350 USD or 995 euro’s, via Gucci e-store.





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Gucci’s Cruise 2015 Collection is Full of Luxurious Minimalism


Gucci Bamboo Daily Python Flap Shoulder Bag

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Gucci Bamboo Daily Top Handle



A simple name.

Just ‘Gucci Bamboo Daily Leather Top Handle Bag’, but the bag is not as simple as we might expect.

It’s a new style from the Fall Winter 2014 Collection and just like every gorgeous bag, the name has a meaning: ‘Daily’ – made to use as an everyday bag.

Oh yes, just a reminder. If you’re seeking for classic Gucci handbags, here’s another one:

The Gucci Jackie Soft Flap Bag, you remember?

Presenting the Gucci Leather Top Handle with bamboo detailing on the flap closure. Bamboo’s has always been a part of Gucci’s history, in fact they have a ‘Bamboo Collection’ which has been around for more than sixty years.

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And so the Bamboo Closure is a bit of a classic.

Now, this bag is not fancy or painted in such a way that it will draw a lot of attention. It’s rather simple and incredible glamorous if we take our time to dive into the details.

Crafted with durable leather and a bit of grainy. Finished with palladium hardware and featuring tone-on-tone baiadera cotton-linen lining. The edges are hand-painted with manual stitching. You can find a zip pocket and a smartphone pocket inside.

This bag comes with an adjustable and detachable shoulder strap for multiple carrying. But the best way to enjoy it is to carry by hand. The Gucci Bamboo Daily Leather Top Handle Bag is perfect as an everyday bag and it comes in different colors like pastel blue, light grey and black. Pick your favorite shade for the Fall Winter 2014 Collection.

Measuring 16.3′ x 11′ x 6.6′ (W x H x D) inches, priced at $2450 USD at Gucci e-store.





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