The 10 Best Celebrity Bag Looks of Summer 2014

2014-8-28 fashion Other Brands

10 Best Celebrity Handbags Summer 2014

Celebs kept it surprisingly covered up and professional this summer (marvel at how many of these celebs are wearing blazers or leather jackets), so much so that I sort of longed for the rampant daisy dukes that came to define summer 2013. Alas, flagrant skin exposure was mainly limited to the midriff this year. Stars mostly played it safe, and let their big, beautiful handbags do the talking. With the sole exception, of course, of Taylor Swift, who moved to Tribeca and completely reinvented herself, style-wise and (apparently!) music-wise as well.

Two other summer 2013 trends that were noticeably absent from summer 2014: neons and minis. They’ve been wholly replaced this season by moderately sized bags in pale, muted tones or rich darks. Between all the blazers and the unseasonal hues, you’d hardly know it was summer at all, if not for the fact that almost every one of these celebs is wearing a fabulous pair of designer sunglasses. But while the outfits sometimes left something to be desired, the bags certainly did not. Take a gander at our picks for the best celeb bag choices of the season, and tell us what you carried this summer!

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