2015-8-24 fashion Designer Shoes


The Dior Black Suede Calfskin Ballerina is a classy piece of footwear that’s about to be your next best friend. If you’re up for a shoe with so much class (minus the annoying bumps and scratches brought about by high heels), then this is perfect for you! Dior is all about luxury, while taking comfort and convenience into consideration. Truly, this shoe is a wonder to behold.

This ballerina has a pointed toe in black suede calfskin and a transparency effect, which is a timeless and classic design. As a wonderful design element, it has an origami-style rose detail which sits atop the transparent part beautifully, like it was made to be there. It features true feminine form, with all the lovely lines and curves. You know, if you’re a girl who’s always on your toes, you would surely need some footwear to keep up with your daily activities. In style, I mean, and these black suede ballerinas are the ones for the job.

With a 1.5cm invisible heel, this piece is priced at €630 EUR, available via Dior e-store.



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