2015-7-23 fashion Other Brands


From all the animal-inspired-handbags, the Kate Spade Cat’s Meow Mouse Bag touched my heart the most. How to describe it? It’s so cute!

Just like a mouse, it’s designed with big round ears, innocent eyes and moustache. It’s the most stylish mouse we have ever seen. The mouse bag adds a dash of whimsy to any ensemble.

Besides that’s cute, it also functional. It comes with a wrist-strap so you can carry it as a clutch bag in your little black dress. The top also features short handle in case you want to grab it by hand.

It also comes with a little piece of cheese that the mouse has found in the kitchen, which is attached to the handle like a luggage tag.

The interior is finished with zipper pocket and slide pocket, the hardware is refined with 14 karat gold, measuring 5.1’ x 8.9’ x 3.7’ (H x W x D) inches, priced at $278 USD

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