Chanel Bags in Europe Increase by 20% on Most Classics and Boy Flaps

2015-4-26 fashion

As of April 18, 2015 Chanel bags in Europe have increased by about 20% with a minimum of 10%. Not all bags were affected; however, the most popular bags the classic flaps and the boy bags definitely were. There are some limited edition leather bags that remain unchanged, which means good value overall for US customers due to the stronger dollar.

We have updated our Europe price guides to include a comparison of old prices to new prices from Spring / Summer 2015 Act 2 and Spring / Summer 2015 Act 1. 

So is it still less expensive to shop in Europe? Yes!

Check-out our price comparison from USD to EU, even with the 20% increase it would still be close to 40% cost savings due to the strong USD hovering around $1.06US to €1.00 Euro. Not only is Europe less expensive but we all know that the wide selection beats out almost every other country due to its proximity to the source.  So definitely not a reason to change any plans to fly to Europe and take a lovely vacation.


Chanel Bag Classic and Boy Price Increase 2015

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