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Where once the pale, ivory skin of a porcelain china doll was considered the perfect standard for beauty, the times have change drastically and made an about-face wherein the darker, sun-kissed glow to the skin is what defines a woman’s worth when it comes to looking incredibly amazing. Where once the paleness was testament to prestige and wealth, speaking of the lack of need to work in the fields and be burned up by the sun, today the same coloring would represent a woman who works too hard and has little time for play. On the contrary, the ladies with spare time on their hands spend it lounging under the sun, roasting and toasting their limbs and buns in order to attract that Vitamin D fuelled sparkle. Those who live in areas where the sun is seen less often and walking about in a skimpy bikini just won’t do thus resort to tanning beds and self-tanning techniques that may or may not bring about the same effect. The bronzed beauties are in and a lack of tan at this point would be indicative of lack of health as well it seems.

Tips for Flawless Self-Tanning All Year Round

But how would you be able to get that flawless tan all year round? Nadine Monley, a highly sought after professional makeup artist shares her tips and tricks for turning yourself officially into a revered bronzed beauty, bringing her decades’ worth of experience to the masses. She is certainly a woman who understands the fact that the glowing tan from the summer months should not be confined to those vacation days of yours that you can afford to spend lounging beneath those UV rays. You can also get away with faking your way through the chillier months, pretending that sun-kissed look is a natural to your skin as the hair on your head… or at least those growing roots. According to Monkey, there is absolutely no excuse for orange, patchy tans anymore, a statement we wholeheartedly agree with. The fake tan can be made into a subtle glow instead, playing up on your natural skin tones instead of appearing thoroughly out of place, as has been the case for many years now.

There are a mere four easy steps to follow if you want to obtain that incredibly bronzed beautiful skin without having it appear to be a fake version of a proper summer tan.

First: Exfoliation is the Most Important Part of the Process

The same way you would prime a canvas or the walls before painting on a beautiful piece of artwork, you must do this for your skin as well. Your body follows the same principle as you are trying to create something out of what nature essentially bestowed on you. Use a body scrub applied onto a body mitt and gently rub in round circles all over your limbs, paying special attention to the rough areas around the knees and elbows. This is extremely important if you want to achieve an even tan without any strange appearing areas. Doing this on a weekly basis ensures you rid yourself of the dead layers on top, leaving the skin underneath feeling like it has been to a very expensive spa treatment, pampered and feeling perfectly soft. You can also add coconut oil to the mitt instead and pat yourself dry at the end so as to not to wipe off the oil itself. This gives you more moisture, a more natural manner by which to achieve the look and keeps the skin from chapping in the winter.

Second: Keep that Skin As Hydrated As Possible

We all know that hydrated skin gives off a healthy glow. Drinking lots of water ensures there is lamination from underneath and washing your face every morning with lukewarm water adds softness to your visage that no amount of product may on its own. For a tan that will last a long time, it is essential that the skin is kept moisturized at all times, particularly knowing that the summer months always bring more humidity to the body. You want to have the plump and Vitamin D kissed look to last 12 months instead of 4. Avoid the wind as much as possible and keep your showers lukewarm and short instead of hot and long, no matter how comforting it may feel. Both elements can serve in shortening the lifespan of your tan. Rich creams and body oils are a great way to replenish the moisture lost to the environment around you, particularly getting into the creases and caressing into the elbows, heels, hands, knees and toes. This will smooth out imperfections and blend in your not so real tan much better.

Third: Blend, Blend and Just Keep on Blending

When actually applying the self-tanning products, there is one important rule to ensure that it looks as real as possible: Blend! No manner how much effort you put into this, it is not enough as you keep having to blend in the tan; make sure you start with your face and blend down the neck, using the color sparingly. You can add more if needed, but less is more certainly comes into play here. Work your way down your body, limb by limb, doing your hands and your feet last for optimal results. Once you are done, wash your hands and clean out your nails, over and under, to ensure there is no undue staining.

Finally: Remember to Always Be Kind to Your Skin

Your skin is rather important, so do not use any harsh products on it that might cause damage, produce a rash or cut at your delicate membrane. You can also add a second round of moisturizer over the tan so that it has even more of a naturally glowing look to it, blending the color in better and keeping it all nice and hydrated. Regularly applying creams that are soft on the skin and full of moisture will prolong the lifespan of your tan so that you may enjoy the role of bronzed beauty for many more weeks and months. Natural plant and fruit-based oils actually come in the handiest for that super glowing complexion, leaving you looking refreshed and revitalized. Oil on cuticles, hair, lips and general skin, particularly during the winter months, is very important. It is always preferable to use natural and organic versions of the tanning products without any harsh parabens or other ingredients that your skin would hate you for.

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