2015-4-11 fashion


Personally I do not know what’s going on at the head quarter of Chanel. Perhaps the changes in technology is to big to be ignored and just recently Bruno Pavlosvsky (president of Chanel Fashion) has told WWD the following news:

‘We might launch an e-commerce website’.

Well that’s awesome right?

But the idea is still vague, because Bruno said that they are still in the testing phase. The e-commerce could be online as quickly as next year September.

And for us? We’ve a lot of questions.

You see, the streamlining of handbag prices around the world was a big hit for us. And a big change. And if you’re a regular shopper of Chanel, you will understand why.

But the questions are:

1. Will Chanel also sell their iconic handbags on their official website, like the Classic Flap Bag, Reissue 2.55 Flap Bag and the boy bags? Or only the seasonal bags?

2. What will happen to the prices?

3. Will they launch the e-commerce all around the world or only in a few hand-picked countries?

4. Will they also sell clothing and accessories?

As you might know, Chanel is not giving a lot of information away, which makes us only more curious.

And up until today, Chanel refused to sell anything online besides licensed products like cosmetics, fragrances and sunglasses.

And so, why the big shift suddenly? Perhaps really, internet growth can not be ignored. And because they need to stay ahead of the time.

So what do you say?

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