Need Gift Ideas? These 12 Nail Gift Sets May Help

2014-12-15 fashion Designer Shoes

Nail Gift Sets

We all have that one person who’s hard to shop for. They tend to be picky, so clothes and accessories are out of the question. Maybe you’ve even checked out our ultimate Shoe Gift Guideand are still left wondering what to get. For my friend who fits that description (who we jokingly call Stubborn Shelly), I always find beauty gifts tend to win her heart.

This year (hopefully she’s not reading this), I’m going to try a nail set. It’s a lot of fun shopping for different nail kits, and a lot of these sets will often fit into your holiday budget–except maybe the $675 Louboutin Starlight Nail Polish, but hey, I’m just throwing out ideas here. If you want to start checking people off your holiday shopping list, maybe these great nail sets can help.

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