The Many Shoes of Alessandra Ambrosio

2014-11-14 fashion Designer Shoes

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Just like everyone had a favorite Spice Girl (Posh), or a favorite Backstreet Boy (Nick) or even a favorite New Kid on the Block(Jonathan), all fashion lovers have their favorite supermodels. The Victoria Secret Angels are always the leaders of the pack, and my favorite just happens to be the star of this week’s Many Shoes and that would be Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio.

We’ve gotten a glimpse of her shoe collection here and there, and her surprisingly accessible collection is something to admire, as she reminds us that even though she’s tall and gorgeous, she’s just like us in a lot of ways. She wears comfy and functional shoes during the day when she’s out and about with her family and saves the towering heels for when she’s at events with Jared Leto (you’ll see what I mean). Not a bad gig, right? So from super mommy to supermodel, check out the many shoes of Alessandra Ambrosio!

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