Valentino Revisits Rockstud Rouge

2014-8-13 fashion Other Brands

Valentino Camo Rockstud Rouge Absolute Lock Bag

When Valentino puts out some kind of specialized version of its wildly popular Rockstud bags, shoppers work themselves into a lather. The seasonal lines, like all-black and crystal-covered camo, sell out without fail, and if you wait too long or waste time praying for a sale, you’re generally out of luck. If that was the case for you when the all-red Valentino Rockstud Rouge bags came out several seasons ago, it looks like your luck has changed.

Valentino is calling this reintroduced line “Rouge Absolute,” and it will indeed contain more than just reissues of the popular all-red bags from seasons past, although the red studs do make a return. The collection includes bags, shoes and leather apparel in a variety of shades of red, which has long been the brand’s signature color.

In addition to the red studs, there’s also red camo and red leopard, plus Rockstud Rouge Absolute Signature, which allows buyers to customize their bags, shoes and even sunglasses with metal initial charms, which are removable and can be replaced with studs. At the moment, those styles appear to be available only through Valentino.

Non-signature Rockstud Rouge Absolute pieces are starting to hit other retailers for fall; check out some of the early arrivals below.

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