We Finally ID’d the Bag So Many People Carried at Fashion Week

2014-10-22 fashion Other Brands

Armani Smooth Leather Top Handle

Nothing eats away at your sanity than not being able to figure out who made a particular handbag, and when it’s a bag we just keep seeing, that makes it even harder. We spotted one such bag on the arms of several fashion celebs in paparazzi shots outside the Spring 2015 shows, and now we’ve finally figured out what it is and where it can be bought.

The slick, retro-futuristic bag you see above is the Giorgio Armani Smooth Leather Top Handle, and it’s currently available to shop from LUISAVIAROMA for $2,195. In retrospect, it makes sense that the bag isn’t from a brand that’s considered a traditional accessories power; otherwise, it wouldn’t have flown under the radar long enough to make it to market without much Internet attention.

While trying to identify it last month, we looked all over the place, even prowling the Instagram accounts of the people spotted carrying it, to no avail. If you also came across it and were curious, here you go.

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