Celine Winter 2014 Bag Collection

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Celine Baby Blue and Brown Trapeze Tote Bag

It’s a common thing that designer brands show you their Fall Winter Collection while the sun is still shining bright, with more than 30 degrees and you are still enjoying the season, sitting on the beach and watching the sunset.

But Celine is late, most designer brands have already showcased their most gorgeous items. I know you are not waiting for the Winter Collection (yet), I mean, who wants to shop for a fur bag in the middle of the summer? However, we are talking about the ‘iconic’ now – the trapeze bag, the luggage tote and the box handbags. These are timeless classics, Celine can spam use with their latest colors and leathers on any day they want, we will still read them.

I really enjoy the new Celine Trapeze in burgundy and baby blue wings, the shades are so vibrant, it’s so different, yet powerful. For the luxury, go for the python in dark blue and brown wings.


Celine Burgundy Spazzolato Box Bag

What you need to know more is the new style of Celine box handbags with bold stitches on the edges. Take a look at the burgundy colors with yellow stitches, I am not sure if I will love it, but it’s different than what we are used to.


Celine Sunflower Yellow Belt Tote Bag

The Celine sunflower Yellow Belt Tote have hit the mark, the color is so delightful. It’s a perfect accessory to uplift people’s faces with your fashion in the winter season.

We will post the prices later on, so keep following this page.


Celine Camel Python Trapeze bag


Celine Burgundy Trapeze Bag

Celine-Blue-and-White-Gingham Mini-luggage-Tote

Celine Blue and White Gingham Mini luggage Tote


Celine Bright Blue Nubuck Suede Mini Luggage Tote


Celine Charteuse Green Nubuck Suede Mini Luggage tote


Celine Purple Tweed Mini Luggage Bag


Celine Vermilion Red Nubuck Suede Mini Luggage bag


Celine Black Stamped Pony Box


Celine Yellow Cobra Box


Celine Blue and White Gingham Phantom Tote


Celine Red Nubuck Suede Phantom tote


Celine Burgundy Cabas Phantom Tote


Celine Tan Phantom Cabas Bag


Celine Burgundy Spazzolato Tie Tote


Celine Camel with Fuschia Tie Tote


Celine Indigo Belt Tote


Celine Camel with Fuschia Lining Belt Tote

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