Dior Secret Garden 2014 Bag Collection Featuring Diorissimo

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Dior-Secret-Garden-2014 Ad-Campaign

By now, you should know that Dior is a brand about chic, elegant and feminine – the message is very clear and expressed in the tiniest details, in the design of the dresses, shoes and above all, ‘bags’.

Daria Strokous was invited to shoot for the Dior Secret Garden 2014 Ad Campaign, the pictures were captured at Versailles – Daria spotted in the hall, sitting on the couch and wandering between the trees. It’s clear that, wherever she goes, she will not drop the Diorissimo Bag. It’s just too beautiful.

The Ad Campaign was mainly about the rising star and our love – the Diorissimo bag. Since its first launch in 2012, this bag only knows how to go up in fame. It’s now almost as popular as the Lady Dior Tote and the fashionista’s are loving it.

Why is it so famous? Have you check the pouch attached in the interior? And it has more space than you will ever need, crafted from the best leather and it’s practical to use as an everyday bag.

Besides the ‘Classic Colors’ like Gris and Black, Dior also introduced the Diorissimo in pink floral print. Gorgeous!

If you are looking for the prices and the sizes, please go to Dior Bag Prices.

Let us know what you think, love or not?

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