Chanel Backpacks: The New Trend

2014-10-7 fashion


Somehow our brains are connecting backpacks to high school, remember the old days… they were, not the sexiest, but certainly the most convenient bag you can find – plenty of room, always a front-pocket (I usually put my wallet or pencil box there) and when carrying on your back, it doesn’t feel as heavy as you would expect. Consider it was large tote and you store it with 200+ of text books, my right arm will probably fall of before I even make it to school and it’s bad for your back (Ouch!)/

But anyway, high school backpacks are now so outdated, they are not for carrying your textbooks anymore and Chanel has explained that loud and clear. They took the backpacks and literally refined them, making it sexier by implementing iconic elements; quilted and interwoven golden chain links. And for those who are used to wear motorcycle jackets; they even made a special graphic edition for the cool girls. But unfortunately, these bags don’t come with a $200 USD price tag…

The backpacks are trending right now, celebrities like Jessica Alba, Emma Stone and Miley Cyrus are showing their love for this accessory in many occasions. Even during the fashion week in Paris, New York and Milan, you couldn’t have missed models, bloggers or photographers hanging with a Chanel backpack.


Introduced during the Spring 2014 runway, featuring thick chains and spray paint in pop of colors, the woven ropes you love are made by hand. Finished with little charms – this is the Chanel Bricolage Canvas backpack, it’s the casual-chic thing you want as a companion in your playful outfit. Priced at $3,400 USD.


And then we have the Chanel vintage backpack, a tinier and compact version. Please don’t store your textbook or the leather will start to crumble. Its kind-of-like your classic flap bag, but then on your back instead of around your shoulder. The much-more elegant version than the graphic backpacks. Expected price to be: $1,475 USD.

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