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2014-10-7 fashion


Here you see the Chanel Boy Perforated Flap Bag, it was released during the Spring Summer 2014 Pre-Collection. Well released… I assumed it was released in store because it was announced on Chanel official website. But the truth is, there are actually two interesting stories to tell about this handsome boy bag.

First I’d like to copy the conversation we had with JJ:

‘I have been searching everywhere for the Boy Chanel Flap Bag Metallic Perforated in Lambskin size medium. Style code: A90164
I have been unable to find it in the US. All stores here and in the UK say they have never gotten this bag. Do you know if this bag is available anywhere? It is the 14th one seen above in the sort of pewter color… Look forward to your response’.

We too, were curious as hell. So we did what every bagaholic girl would do; contact CHANEL.

And that’s what we did, here read this:

‘The item is not available for purchase in the US, I searched all Chanel boutiques in the US and was unable to find any inventory of that item’.

There you go, bag restriction in France and no inventory in the US. But let’s speculate, what has actually happened?

It could be that:
– They removed the bag from their stock because the Spring Summer 2014 Collection was released. (Just guessing =))
– The ship sank with all the pretty-Chanel-Bags on board (Oh gosh, rather give them all to us)
– Or they just don’t sell in the US. (first time hearing this, but alrighty then)

But if you have been hunting this bag in the US without any success, its kind-of like trying to find back the diamond ring that your mother gave you. Or the same like a love-and-hate-relationship – you love it, but also hate it because it won’t let your grasp it.

The second story was that the ‘perforated’ style started during the Pre-Spring 2013 Collection, can you remember the Chanel Up In The Air Flap, priced at $2,700 USD. I find the Boy version so much cooler and sexier.

Chanel Boy Perforated Flap Bag in Medium Size:
Style code: A90164
Size: 5.5 x 10 x 3
Price: $3,900 USD

Chanel Boy Chanel Perforated Flap Bag Large Size:
Style code: A90164
Size: 5.5 x 11 x 3
Price: $4,200 USD

Oh yes, by the way, if you can’t find it in the US, drop us a comment below. And one the pictures above was taken from Madrid, so now you know where to continue your hunt right? And please do support us by liking our Facebook page. Thank you.



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