Gucci Travel Bag 2014 Collection

2014-10-7 fashion Gucci


Every girl needs this and every girl needs that, but one thing I am certain we all need is a chunky oversized bag. Perhaps too big or too heavy to swing as an everyday bag, but there are times it can be very handy. And when you need one, you will be swimming in your wardrobe, digging every bag out to find the perfect piece that suits your taste and match your outfit. I mean, we can’t flaunt with an ugly bag at our girls night right?

An ideal substitute for the Louis Vuitton Keepall Bag, the Keepall 55 in spring colors will cost you easily $3,650 USD. Though you might be purchasing it for the generous size and space, it comes with a shoulder strap and durable handle. Pick your favorite color between black, yellow or red for the spring summer wear.

Your Chanel GST can pack your today’s essentials, but an oversized bag can carry your three days survival pack. Imagine you, travelling a lot during the weekends – you need to sleep at your parent’s house, then to your friend’s house and you need your laptop, make-ups, clothes, extra-clothes, books and so much more. Instead of two bags, just pack then up in one single designer bag and you are ready to go. This new Gucci Bag is available at their boutiques, price should be around $1,600 USD.



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