Authentication Guide: Chanel 2.55 Bag Classic Double Flap

2014-10-1 fashion

The Chanel 2.55 classic double flap is probably the most counterfeited bag in the world! We've put together 7 quick tips that may help you avoid a fake!

2.55 double flap classic Chanel bag

Above is an authentic Chanel! Gorgeous, right?

TIP 1: Look at the CC Clasp.

2.55 double flap classic Chanel bag cc crossing c logo hardware

The CC logo clasp on the 2.55 should look like the one on the top. Sometimes, it will be in silver, and sometimes it will be in gold. When it is in gold, it usually has a hallmark to represent the gold plating on the hardware.

Fake CC logo clasps can be too skinny or too squat like the ones shown.

TIP 2: Quilting should be symmetrical and line up.

2.55 double flap classic Chanel back quilting

Craftsmanship on Chanel is impeccable. Quilting is always symmetrical, and quilting will always line up. See how the quilting on the pocket on the left (authentic) Chanel is perfectly aligned to the rest of the bag.

TIP 3: Inside leather should be structured.

inside 2.55 double flap classic Chanel bag

The inside will be made of leather that perfectly fits inside the bag. This means no wrinkling.

TIP 4: Check out the inside color.

Burgundy red for Chanel 2.55's classic double flaps in lambskin leather, and black for Chanel 2.55 classic double flaps in caviar leather.

TIP 5: Sticker on the inside left corner.

All late 1980's and newer Chanel 2.55 double classic flap will always have a sticker on the left inside corner. Sometimes, stickers can be lost over time, but a sticky residue spot usually remains in this spot when this occurs. Please note that some fakes will have stickers as well.

TIP 6: Hardware color always matches stamp color.

If the hardware is gold, the inside Chanel stamp will be gold. If the hardware is silver, the inside Chanel stamp will be silver.

TIP 7: Chanel serial card does not have a rainbow reflection.

Chanel fake real authentication card

An authentic Chanel serial card will never have a rainbow reflection on the border or number.

**Please note that these are quick tips and would be considered a beginner's authentication guide. While this will help weed out many counterfeits, more in-depth knowledge is utilized by experts to weed out the more convincing fakes.

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