CELINE Summer 2014 Bag Collection

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Yes it is official, Celine constructed their message loud and clear; minimalism is outdated as we see the explosion of colors and prints in the Summer 2014 collection.


Celine Luggage Phantom Handbag
Nappa Calfskin Azur


Celine Luggage Phantom Handbag
Smooth Calfskin Chalk


Celine Luggage Phantom Handbag
Suede Vermilion


Celine Tie Handbag
Crisped Calfskin Bright Orange


Celine Tie Handbag
Crisped Calfskin Denim


Celine Tie Handbag
Natural Calfskin Chamois

Bright in the sunlight, carry the Celine Luggage Phantom bags in delightful shades; baby blue and beige are going to be in. The Tie Tote doesn’t lack anything either, crafted from crisped calfskin and painted in bright orange or tote yours in the same color as your jeans; Denim blue.


Celine Trapeze Handbag
in Multicolour Smooth Calfskin Sunflower


Celine Trapeze Handbag
in Multicolour Smooth Calfskin Grass


Celine Trapeze Handbag
in Python and Calfskin Mimosa

The famous trapeze has gone wild; more multi-colors are available to cure our thirst; made in extremely smooth calfskin and enjoy in the mixture of sunflower-yellow, black and blue. Or if you have an appetite for more; take the trapeze in grass green and black-grey. For the luxurious fashionista, python should satisfy your needs, blended with calfskin and available in yellow that’s brighter than the sun.


Celine Classic Box
in Spazzolato/Vermilion Azur


Celine Classic Box
in Python Grass

The Celine box looks most appealing this season, in patent-like red, baby blue and grass green. Perhaps Celine is making another point, these three colors are going to trend the summer.

Celine-BI-Cabas-Handbag-Smooth-Lambskin-Vertica- Grass-Navy

Celine Bi-Cabas Handbag
Smooth Lambskin Vertica Grass Navy


Celine Bi-Cabas Handbag
Smooth Lambskin Vertical Turquoise Burguny

Though Celine has shown the images of Summer 2014 collection, they are not available in store yet. The Spring 2014 Collection has just been released; it will probably take a couple of months before Summer 2014 Accessories will hit the store. Prices and sizes will follow soon, like our Facebook page to keep updated.

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