Vintage Chanel 80s And 90s Style Revisit By Nasty Gals

2014-9-25 fashion

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Remember the days when Chanel wasn’t considered a ‘must have’ for fashionistas. We were satisfied toting with a Louis Vuitton speedy bag. Nowadays the speedy is just an entrée, to fill up your tummy fully and happy, we need to eat a bigger meal, like a Chanel classic flap bag. Here at Bragmybag we want to take you back to the old school, to the moments when baby blue knitter sweaters were still in trend, to the times when big golden chain around your neck were considered tough and oversized black leather jackets were only for bad girls. Let’s fly back to the times when Chanel signatures were printed on black dressed and CC logos were embellished not on the clasp but on the front flap. Step in the time machine and enjoy.

The older the wine, the better the taste. Chanel vintage bags that are no longer in production only make it as precious as diamonds. Who knows how much such bag would cost 25 years from now, owning one in perfect condition will make it an heirloom accessory for your grand daughters to inherit. If you’ve watched Coco Chanel’s documentary, you feel how the brand Chanel has gone through rains and storms, Karl Lagerfeld picked up the empire and lifted it to a whole new level where girls like us crave for their collection. Will Chanel survive in the next coming decades? I am almost certain that it will not only survive, but it will continue to thrive.

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