Street Snaps: Caren Brooks Sighted With Chanel Reissue Flap

2014-9-25 fashion


You might not know her, but she is Caren Brooks, an author, columnist and social commentor. Sighted departing Chanel on Robertson Boulevard, she was wearing a beautiful floral red dress companied with beige stilettos. Though I can’t confirm what shoes she is wearing, I am pretty sure it’s near Louboutin’s special 5 shades of nude collection. The snap shot was taken from the back, I would love to add her face, but this was the best image to show the Chanel reissue 227 bag that we are sure you will love. The reissue 227 is quite similar to the classic flap in maxi size. Large Chanel bags are not ‘unattractive’, even if you are a shorty, wearing an oversized bag is a trend, especially if in the United States. It fits more and you can adjust the chain links to your comfort.

Why do we think Chanel bags in classic black are the most coveted even among the Celebrities? Because they LITERALLY go with everything! In the upcoming weeks, we will reveal more street snaps at Bragmybag, you will notice that Celebrities wear Chanel in slouchy pants, casual clothes like Caren Brooks floral dress, in studded jackets, trench coats, blue shirts, on the red carpet, in the evening, day and all season. Like if you love Caren Brook’s outfit!

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