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2014-9-19 fashion Hermes


Talking about buckets.

Perhaps it was Louis Vuitton who first, accidentally, came up with the magnificent idea of designing something like the bucket bag, you know, the Noe Bag. It was originally made for the champagne vintners, to store their… champagne bottles.

To clarify what I mean, let’s take Alexander Wang as an example, the 2014 Bucket Bag.

SEE: New Alexander Wang Bucket Bag.

So what do you see? A black leather bucket bag, fine-tuned in golden hardware, then embellished with the brand’s symbolic studded base. How to use it? Well, it’s perfect to keep your champagne bottle cold with real ice. Nice huh?

Now back to the famous Hermes. If you have ever dreamed about buckets and you’re a die-hard Hermes fans, then here I present to you the Hermes Sac De Pansage bag.

So what you need to know?

It’s one of Hermes latest design, only exclusive available at their boutique. It’s made from cotton and comes with a leather strap that can be adjusted or removed. The signature is printed on the front with ‘Hermes Sellier Paris’.

The structure is similar to the Alexander Wang Bucket Bag 2014 – an open bag with drawstring closure in the center. It’s a spacious bag, something different than what you are used to. And perfect to wear for your casual days.

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