Chanel Boy Bags from Fall / Winter 2014 Collection Act 2

2014-9-15 fashion

Introducing the Chanel Boy Bags from the Fall/Winter 2014 Collection Act 2. This season’s latest Boy bag design features embellished embroideries on the edges. For the classic Boy Bags, they are offered mostly in bright colors like Green, Orange, Yellow and Turquoise. The Chanel Herringbone Chevron Boy Bags were also given an embellished update, as it has thin chains embroidered between the herringbone quilting.

This results in a significant increase in price between the two styles from Act 1 to Act 2, an increase from $4,500 USD to $6,100 USD for the smallest size. You will notice a slight silver detail between the herringbone stitching on the Boy Bag from Act 2, see side by side of both bags.

Information on the classic and limited edition bags from Act 2 are discussed separately. 

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