2017-2-19 fashion Fashion

A casual and versatile loose anorak from BP, now just $42 (an easy spring layer to consider),  classic Saint Laurent Tribute sandals in a great nude color, now 40% off (these are hard to find on sale!),  a wool and cashmere draped sweater vest with great reviews from Halogen, now $72, and tan slingback stack heeled sandals from Manolo Blahnik, now just $306 (I’d recommend a peek around the Neiman Marcus sale shoe section in general….lots of treasures with just a few random sizes left). 

I read this interesting article on Racked over the weekend, about getting rid of your “in case of emergency” clothes, and it got me thinking. In the article (which I’d recommend for a quick read), the author Alanna Okun talks about eliminating those items in your closet you’ve been keeping for random occasions, like black tie balls, super formal job interviews, or a skinnier former self. It inspired me to go through my closet and think about some of my own “In Case of Emergency Clothes” that I’ve been hoarding.

1. The I’m going to a fancy tea party dress. How many people do I know who throw fancy tea parties? Or heck, any sort of tea parties at all? I shouldn’t feel entitled to them, since my own social gatherings usually involve pizza. But I love Erdem and this is one of my favorite dresses so I opted to keep it. Besides, I love the lace.

2. Approximately one dozen various Theory jackets, skirts, and pants. I remember when a new Theory suiting item was something I really rejoiced over, since I usually waited until I could snag a sale and they were quite difficult to find then (remember the Gabe jackets and pants? And what an event it was when they started making 00). This was before Banana, J.Crew and the like made decent looking suit jackets so Theory was the only well priced game in town. I sucked it up and donated all of these. These days, a sweater/cardigan and a skirt are good enough for most interviews.

3. The I’m visiting a snowy tundra outerwear. Aka my Canada Goose and my Mr. and Mrs. Furs Parkas. I will never get rid of my Mr and Mrs Furs. First of all, I got it from one of the brand’s first seasons, when it was still called Furs and not Italy. Plus, it is the one wardrobe item I have which always gets me compliments in both Tokyo and Paris (basically everything else is I own is deemed close to sneer worthy in these destinations). These two shallow reasons are enough to ensure lifetime wardrobe longevity.

I have debated getting rid of the Goose (I have the Kensington) but I have secret dreams of visiting Alaska and Antartica one day and then I might need it, and then of course the brand will have gotten so expensive I can never buy it again. So I’m keeping both for now. Of course, each take up tons of wardrobe space. Ugh.

4. The I am going to an event where I will have to do no walking, but everyone will be able to admire my footwear, shoes. The most compelling example I have of these are these Miu Miu gingham heels, which are so difficult for me to walk in post pregnancy that they have been relegated to a piece of decoration in my closet. I’ve been saving them for an event where I am dropped off directly from the car to the door (these would not survive a trip across, for example, a muddy lawn),and where I sit on some sort of dias so that everyone can admire my shoes. Perhaps not surprisingly, I have yet to be invited to an event like this.

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