Ohm K: The New Yogawear Brand You Need to Know About

2016-7-1 fashion Fashion


Ohm K is a new Brooklyn-based yoga wellness brand launched a few months ago by a yogi and a cycling instructor. I’ve been spending a lot of time in Tel Aviv, which has been fantastic but I’m desperately missing my workouts in NYC! I’m so used to working out at Barry’s Bootcamp and Pure Yoga with their complexion-flattering lighting and flashy mirrors, so now working out in a bare-bones gym or on the beach (trust me, with the heat it’s way less amazing than it sounds) is nothing short of challenging. Now more so than ever I need to feel good about what I’m wearing to have any sort of motivation to stay in shape, and Ohm K with their tongue-in-cheek designs does just that. I’m actually excited to put on their “Kick Asana” shirt in the morning, my favorite along with “You had me at Ohm.” so they’re affordable and also comfortable (I hate anything that makes me feel sausaged). Do note, however, that they’re not made of sweat-wicking material so you’ll want to save these tops for your lower-impact workouts.

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