Top 5 Party Rings: Cocktail Mix

2016-7-1 fashion Fashion

Top 5 Party Rings

It’s that time of year again – party season! Get those cocktail rings out and on display. This is not the time to be shy. The bigger and brighter, the better! From chains to fringe, here are the party rings I can’t wait to show off:

The Italian brand’s fall collection was inspired by Baroque and rock and roll, both of which are known to be bold and dramatic. This may be a single ring, but the geometric stones are so big they cover two fingers. 

 Not even the most colorful gems could take the spotlight away from this fringe. Just make sure you aren’t the person who waves your hands around when you talk – you could poke an eye out! 

Up your cocktail ring game with a little pave diamond sparkle. The blue Iolite and clear chalcedony stones are just the icy hues you want for winter. 

 Release your inner animal with jewelry designer Leeora Catalan’s panther ring. With this many stones, it’s guaranteed to catch the light. 

In her own words, Gisele Ganne’s jewelry is “an evocation of death, mourning, and divorce.” While not exactly in line the holiday spirit, it’s certainly a conversation starter! 

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