Runway Handbag Love: Loewe V Suede Bag

2016-5-19 fashion Other Brands

Runway Handbag Love: Loewe V Suede Bag

Handbag designer brand Loewe hasn’t been on my radar lately. However when I saw the Loewe V Bag on the runway, it grabbed my attention! It was love at first sight, completely reviving my interest in this designer. Now that I have seen the Loewe V Suede Bag though, I don’t think there is any going back!

What caught my eye at first glance, was the color. Who doesn’t love the vibrant turquoise blue color? It doesn’t end there. There is more to this bag than its blue hue. I love the clean lines and simple rounded shape. The black leather trim looks sharp too and is a nice contrast. The bright yellow leather chain geometric “V” strap is the most interesting feature and where the bag gets it’s name.

Loewe Comic Book V Bag 
This is going to sound weird too, but the blue and yellow combination (plus the thick black lines) give this bag sort of a comic book-like feel. I mean old school comics here. Not the stuff you see today. It certainly is an interesting take on this piece even though I am pretty sure it wasn’t the designer’s intention to create something inspired by a comic book. And if it was, that tidbit of information wasn’t shared on Loewe’s official website either.

What do you guys think of the Loewe V Suede Bag?

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