Kara Ross #MyPURSEonality Tyson Boxer Clutch

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Kara Ross #MyPURSEonality Boxer Bag

My husband watches some strange things late at night. There is apparently a Scooby-Doo-like cartoon that features Mike Tyson who sort of stumbles upon the answers to mysteries. Weird, I know. But I bring it up because I stumbled upon a very unique looking clutch from Kara Ross called The Boxer Clutch, part of the #myPURSEonality collection at Kara Ross.

The name doesn’t refer to just any boxer. If you look closely, you will see that the whimsical face on the front is actually supposed to resemble Mike Tyson. What gave it away? The “tattoo” next to the eye, for starters. I think the teeth are a little Mike Tyson-ish too. I actually find this Boxer Clutch to be endearing, in its own quirky way. I love the fun colors and playful face on the front. I love the different textures too. With crocodile, snake, lizard, AND suede all on one piece, there is no doubt this clutch is a sensory extravaganza.

Available at ShopBop: Kara Ross The Boxer Clutch

Who is this famous “Boxer” bag named after? Kara Ross profiled this beloved character:
kara ross mypurseonality clutch 
Kara Ross #MyPURSEonality Handbag, The Boxer
1. Age: 39
2. Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
3. College Alma Mater: The School of Hard Knocks
4. Current Residence: Queens
5. Current Occupation: Retired Amateur Boxer
6. Favorite Cocktail: Appletinis
7. Favorite Snack Food: Ding dogs
8. Favorite Coffee: mochachinos
9. Favorite Movie: Hangover, Hangover 2, Hangover 3
10. Favorite TV show: Family Feud
11. Favorite Activity: pigeon racing
12. Favorite Place to Shop: Gold’s Gym Lost and Found
13. Favorite Sport: Other than boxing? Hop scotch
14. Favorite Artist: the guy that made Snoopy
15. Boxers or Briefs: jock straps
16. Secret passion: Real Housewives of New Jersey
17. What I’m reading now: 50 Shades of Gray
18. Best date night spot: Fire Island
19. I never leave home without: these guns!
20. Music on my CD player: Black Eyed Peas
21. Biggest Turn on: bird watchers
22. Biggest Turn off: non-bird watchers
23. Splurge Item: Old Spice box set!
24. Guilty pleasure: Grindr
25. Fun Facts: I write letters to Teresa Guidice

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