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(L) H&M Silk Blend Top and Black Suede Dress (R) H&M Blouse with Ruffles and Straight Regular Jeans
(L) H&M Silk Blend Top and Black Suede Dress (R) H&M Blouse with Ruffles and Straight Regular Jeans

Spring is just around the corner, and with H&M’s latest trend update, it is easy to get excited for the warm weather months. Posing in a lookbook called ‘Feminine Expression’, models Laura Julie and Aneta Pajak pose in 1970s inspired styles with modern touches. From ruffled-adorned blouses to leather jackets and skirts, these separates are the perfect must-haves for the spring season.

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(L) H&M Ribbed Knit Top and Denim Overall Dress (R) H&M Patterned Long Dress and Suede Ankle Boots with Lacing
(L) H&M Ribbed Knit Top and Denim Overall Dress (R) H&M Patterned Long Dress andSuede Ankle Boots with Lacing
(L) H&M Mid-Length Patterned Dress (R) H&M Leather Jacket with Tie Belt and Bib Overalls
(L) H&M Mid-Length Patterned Dress (R) H&M Leather Jacket with Tie Belt and Bib Overalls
(L) H&M Blouse with Ruffles and Straight Regular Jeans (R) H&M Silk Blend Top and Black Suede Dress
(L) H&M Blouse with Ruffles and Straight Regular Jeans (R) H&M Silk Blend Top and Black Suede Dress
(R) H&M Silk-blend Top and Leather Skirt
(R) H&M Silk-Blend Top and Leather Skirt
(L) H&M One-Shoulder Top and Cupro Circle Skirt (R) H&M Jersey Mock Turtleneck Top, Suede Culottes and Suede Pumps
(L) H&M One-Shoulder Top and Cupro Circle Skirt (R) H&M Jersey Mock Turtleneck Top,Suede Culottes and Suede Pumps

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