Modern Classic- Marc by Marc Jacobs Ligero Ninja Tote

2016-5-1 fashion Other Brands

Marc by Marc Jacobs Ligero Ninja Satchel

Over the years, I have come to love Marc Jacobs diffusion line. It has given Marc Jacobs the freedom to fully express himself through his quirky and fun designs. Marc by Marc Jacobs has brought us so many designs employing everything from neon colors to unusual motifs. So it should come as no surprise that this is what I have come to expect from this line. Sometimes, I forget that Marc by Marc Jacobs actually produces some pretty basic, even iconic pieces. But when I saw the Marc by Marc Jacobs Ligero Ninja Tote, I knew I needed to have a second look and sort of rediscover this designer.

There is no doubt that this Marc by Marc Jacobs Ligero Ninja could stand the test of time. The simple lines and structured shape make it a classic, for sure! I think what caught my eye the most though was the crescent-shaped concave at the top. Not only does it add a little bit of interest to the design, it also helps this 6 inch deep tote conform to your body a little bit. Another feature I like is the optional shoulder strap. The double tote straps are great, but sometimes you need the bag to hang a little lower depending on where your day takes you. This tote would make a great work bag or everyday tote for carrying all of your essentials.

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