How to choose the luxury high heels

2016-4-27 fashion

In any woman’s wardrobe, thin heels are must-haves, the classic high-heeled shoes are dotting thing you need at all times.
If you do not wear high heels, then do not say that he is a woman friends. Stiletto heels is every woman must have fashion outfit a single product, as it applies to many occasions, a pair of good shoes can take you to a good place. Here we recommend a variety of colors and styles of the classic high-heeled shoes.
The most classic wild Black
If you do not know what color shoes to wear, then wear a black bar, years can not go wrong with a single product, you can hold live all occasions.

If you wear a super hot hot pants, or outline beautiful body type bandage skirt, with a pair of sexy leopard can redouble oh.
The most shining metal color
Girlfriends out to the streets, one to one pair of stilettos shining bright, it shines like a youthful forever.
The most gentle pink nude
Parents must-see nude pink high heels, soft water good girl look easy to build.
The most feminine burgundy color
To go out with customer negotiations, wearing black too rigid, too frivolous to wear bright colors, then to one pair of red high-heeled wine bar, capable and yet calm atmosphere.
The most Xianer macarons color
Wear the color pink and tender will not help but feel that they Meng Meng Da, a street or dating these macarons colors are a good choice.
The most brilliant candy colors
If the color of the clothes is relatively simple and low-key, can be a pair of shoes candy colors brighten the whole body, clever suction eye.
The tide of geometric color lines
If you are not a lady range of children, nor is it a wild range of children, but the new avant-garde fashion trendy people, so full of modern geometric pair of high heels can be a strong suit for you, oh mix.
Wildest serpentine lines
Similar snake and leopard feeling, but a glimmer of less wild, more than a hint of mature woman’s charm.

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