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Ladies, can I introduce to you to Miss Punched Bag. A new bag made by Celine and don’t-you-think-it’s-perfect-for-the-summer? Yes, I do.

Celine is well known for its minimalistic design, so we didn’t expect such a punch from this fashion house – a well crafted sophisticated shoulder bag.

Take a closer look at the multicolored pieces covered all over the bag’s body. So how is this done? Each piece is unique and it’s made from suede. The pieces have been layered over each other to create this effect.

But anyways, the Celine Punched Bag is partly made from natural calfskin and other part from suede (obvious).

It’s a gorgeous handbag for the modern lady that loves to play with the pieces in her wardrobe. And she doesn’t mind adding a little color into her life.

For those that are interested, it comes with a leather strap, so sling it around your shoulder for the most comfort. The size is large enough to store more than your daily essentials. Drop your iPad inside as well.

Measuring 17’ x 13’ x 7’ inches, priced at €2500 euro via Celine boutique.

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