Man Bag Monday: Louis Vuitton Président Classeur Briefcase

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton President Classeur Briefcase

I’ve got a Monday morning confession for you guys: I listen to too much Drake. Arguably, anyDrake is “too much Drake,” but I probably listen to too much, even by lenient standards. We all have our crosses to bear. In one song that comes up often on my iPod (“Up All Night,” if you’d like to Google it and then judge me accordingly), rapper Nicki Minaj makes a guest appearance in which she speaks of giving Lil Wayne the “Louis Presidential Briefcase.” If she’s speaking of the Louis Vuitton Président Classeur Briefcase, Ms. Minaj clearly has fine taste.

The Président Classeur is, like a Birkin, a bag that’s really in-your-face about being expensive and made of fine materials without being logo-ridden or otherwise obvious. It’s discreet, in a way, but in other ways, totally not discreet–you can tell it costs a zillion dollars from 20 paces, even if you’re not someone who’s well-versed in luxury goods. It’s the perfect status-symbol accessory for men (unless you count watches, which we don’t, because this is not the place for watches).

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PurseForum Roundup: August 1

Other Brands

Hermes Victoria II Bag

Welcome to August’s first edition of the PurseForum Roundup, in which we gather some of the week’s most interesting discussions and most beautiful bags and bring them right over here to share with you. This week, we visited Alexander Wang, where statement hardware is always in fashion, and we also dropped into Hermès, where we found some reveals, of course, and also point you toward help in the pre-loved bag department.

Alexander Wang Grey Rocco bag

Last week we made but a brief stop in Alexander Wang and shared some mesh bags with you all. This week, we went back for a more in-depth visit. We found a wonderful Rocco in Latte with rose gold hardware, which really has a stunning effect when paired with this shade. Congratulations to Nishy on this new addition.

Lovers of small leather goods and jaw-dropping bargains will surely appreciate this reveal: aunique wallet marked so far down at Nordstrom Rack we couldn’t believe our eyes! Luckysacko was in the right place at the right time, congratulations! Jadis4742 added some Wang to her life this summer, too, and waited until her collection was complete (or IS IT?) before sharing not one but three new additions. We love the black with iridescent hardware; what a sharp looking bag! If you are new to the brand, be sure to visit the Reference Library, where we have a wonderful Family Portraits thread with every imaginable AW represented.

Hermes Victoria II Bag

We dropped into Hermès this week, where there is never a shortage of fabulous bags, accessories, scarves or conversations. We knew we would find a gorgeous green in this thread, where GVL shared this brand new Victoria II in malachite, one of the prettiest greens Hermès has ever presented. Iheartorange (and who doesn’t) added another bag to her collection – this lovely Kelly in scrumptious gold.

Hermes Medor Clutch

There are always brilliant reveals in Hermès, and its hard to choose which ones to feature here in the Roundup. On our way out, we spied a thread promising something special, and we were not disappointed. Member pretty99 started her thread wondering whether she should purchase a bag she had been offered. With the help of our Hermès members, she made her decision (by page 2), and we all agree that this lipstick pink Medor clutch is magnificent.

We know that Hermès comes with a hefty price tag, but if you are interested in this design house, you will be happy to know that our members have a very active reseller-feedback thread, as well as lots of great finds in the constantly updated thread dedicated to the resale market. You can also find plenty of other tips on adding Hermès to your collection in our Hermès Shopping subforum.

Manolo Blahnik Swan Pumps

We have been seeing summery sandals daily on the PurseForum and on our sister blog,TalkShoes, so it was quite a treat to see these pretty, sparkly pumps in our Glass Slipper’s threaddedicated to Manolo Blahnik. Stay4b snapped these beauties up at a steal of a deal, and you can bet they will be seeing some good times as the seasons change. SLC Socialite also picked up apair of electric blue pumps at the Barney’s sale, and we cant stop staring at this fantastic color.

The Glass Slipper is home to everything shoe-related at the PurseForum, with the exception of Christian Louboutin, who has a dedicated forum all his own. In the Glass Slipper, we have an ongoing discussion of Charlottle Olympia, Guiseppe Zanotti, Valentino and evenBirkenstocks! This is also the place to post your new shoe purchases, a thread dedicated to fabulous footware of every kind, from the most humble sneakers to the most fabulous heels, like these Louis Vuitton pumps from clu13. 

Valentino Rockstud Dome Bag

Our visit to the Glass Slipper got us thinking about Valentino. We paid a visit to the main Valentino subforum, where we often find reveals of shoes as well, like these classic black Rockstuds pattyui picked up in London.  We also came across this absolutely beautiful tote from berta, who was almost talked out of this purchase. She stuck to her guns, and we are sure glad she did!

We somehow missed tita1992′s March reveal of her new Glam Lock in a color combination that packs plenty of zing. Our members are also discussing serious Valentino matters, like shoe quality, and are lending a hand to goodbrand, who is on the brink of a bootie purchase. Don’t miss the Action Thread to see how our members style their Valentino bags and shoes.

Rebecca Minkoff MAC Tote

We featured Rebecca Minkoff on PurseBlog this week and decided to take a peek into her subforum to see what our members have been finding from this popular designer. We have a new purchases thread underway, and it is already brimming with bags, like this electric blue totefrom Minkette, and this mermaid metallic from rockstarmish. Addictedtoshoppin started a new thread for the wonderful RM Pouches, and jennalovesbags updated her collection thread for us.

Rebecca Minkoff Mini MAC Bag

Don’t miss this thread if you are a fan of the MAC, a favorite of our members as well. Who could resist this fuchsia? Apparently not Cerecita, who was lucky enough to add this to her collection!

Well that winds up this edition of our PurseForum Roundup. We have five glorious Fridays in August, so we will have plenty to share before we ring in September. We hope you have a wonderful summer weekend and look forward to seeing your here with us next week.

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How To Get The Best Replica Purses With A Big Discount!

Other Brands

There are special moments in life that need to be shared with friends, otherwise they lose their significance. And this is one of them! My readers are also my friends and I whenever I have something important to tell them, I do it here, on the blog! review

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As I always say, besides the replica purses a site has to offer, other important aspects are the services and the return policy. Of course the prices are also important but if it were to choose between a website with cheap designer replica purses and no phone number and a bit more expensive but great replica purses, I would always advise you to go with the second one.

It’s very reassuring for me to know that I can get in touch with the customer support department whenever I want. If I have questions about their replica purses, about my order or if I decide to return something that I bought, it’s important to actually speak with someone.

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If you know about any other offers of thins kind, please send me an email so I can post it here! We all love cheap designer replica purses and this offers are just what we need to expand our wardrobe with the best replica handbags.

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Chanel Bag Broke

The broken $5000 Chanel Bag

One of the reasons I can justify (somewhat justify; it’s still an exorbitant amount of money) spending a lot of money on a designer bag is by reminding myself of the quality of the materials and craftsmanship that goes into making the bag. To this day, when I take my Hermès Birkinout of the box, I immediately smell the delicious leather; my Birkin may be 6 years old but it smells brand new.

A year and a half ago, for my birthday, Vlad planned the most amazing day and took me to Chanel to pick a bag I wanted. I left the Chanel boutique with a Reissue 227 and still remember feeling shocked by the $5,000 price tag. However, Vlad and I both decided it was a great purchase — it was a bag I had been lusting after for a long time, and I was absolutely thrilled to have it.

I’ve had no issues with this bag up until last week. The team went out for drinks after work and I was carrying my Chanel Reissue that day. Everything was going great, we had a beautiful view of the NYC skyline, cold drinks in our hands on a hot summer day and good company. I specifically remember going to open my bag to get my lipgloss out. Typically I open my bag without looking down (I know my way around my bags), but something caught my eye. Something funny was happening.

I looked down and stared at the back panel of the closure dangling down from the flap of the bag, swaying back and forth. I didn’t panic because I was stumped — what exactly was going on? I picked my bag up and realized one of the screws that holds the backing in place fell out, and the metal panel was dangling from my bag.

The broken $5000 Chanel Bag - Detail

Our assistant editor, Katherine, looked like she was going to cry for me. But I just stared at it, and then I showed Amanda, Bea, Shannon and Vlad. The first thing Vlad said to me was, “You need to write about this.”

I agreed, because of course I need to write about it. The fact is, a very expensive bag that I purchased not all that long ago had a part fall off. In the grand scheme of things, this is a best case scenario when it comes to having your bag break. Getting a new screw and putting it in should be an easy fix.

But the bigger problem is that this even happened in the first place.

If you remember, I shared how carefully I store my bags not long ago. My Chanel bag isn’t one of my most frequently used bags, and after each use, I put it away – first stuffing it with the paper that it originally came with, then tucked into its sleeper bag.

I’ve been too busy to go to the Chanel boutique to have the bag fixed, but when this first happened the PurseBlog team and I lamented over the idea of the what many major brands do when your bag breaks; they take it to fix it and have it for far too long.

Of course Vlad and I could go to a store to buy the right size screw and screw it into the bag, but that isn’t what I want to do. Each and every tiny bit of this bag made up the cost, and I’d love to have Chanel fix it. But more so, I’d like for things like this not to happen to my bags.

I understand any bit of wear can lead to problems, and as I said previously, this isn’t the biggest problem; there are far worse things that happen to bags. But nevertheless, when I pay a great amount for a bag, I do expect a certain type of quality.

I’ll keep you posted on what happens next.

The broken $5000 Chanel Bag (2)

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You’ve Never Seen Such A Horrible Fake Givenchy Bag!

Other Brands

I know that it can get frustrating to find a good replica site that has a good return policy, great customer support and amazing handbags. And I also that that during this entire process, you can get scammed or, like in today’s review, you can receive awful handbags. review review

Even though it’s hard, you should try to see the bright side. All these bad experiences will help you become better in spotting a bad replica handbag, no matter the brand. But let’s start with the first step, and that is choosing the right site.

I don’t usually start with a review with a conclusion but this is a special case. is a terrible site, at least for a fake Givenchy bag like the famous Antigona. And here is the review that stands behind my statement.

“My dear Eva,

This is the first time I write on your blog or send an email. I found your site a few weeks ago but it was too late, I already ordered a Givenchy Antigona from I had no idea what to expect from them because it was my first time ordering from them. I have a few authentic handbags and a few replicas but I don’t own a Givenchy bag.

Givenchy Antigona Replica Handbag Front View

Givenchy Antigona Replica Handbag Front View

Givenchy Antigona Replica Handbag Back View

Givenchy Antigona Replica Handbag Back View

Givenchy Antigona Replica Handbag Logo And Handles

Givenchy Antigona Replica Handbag Logo And Handles

Givenchy Antigona Replica Handbag Inside View

Givenchy Antigona Replica Handbag Inside View

I know now that I was naive to believe the photos from their site are real and that what I see is what I get! Now I’m trying to return the bag and hopefully everything turns out well. I’ll tell you and your readers if they respect their return policy but so far, they’ve been nice.
I really value your blog and I want to thank you for doing such an awesome work.

My dear, you are right! This must be the worst fake Givenchy bag I’ve seen in a while. It doesn’t even look like it’s make of leather. The brown color is awful, the stitching on the handle is broke and I can go on and on. I had no idea that is such a bad site for Givenchy fake handbags. It’s a really good thing that you decided to return the bag.

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Win a Limited Edition Luxury Bag from PurseBlog and Portero!

Chanel Handbag Giveaway

To celebrate the launch of its brand new site, Portero, the Internet’s leading source for pre-owned designers handbags and luxury goods, wants to reward the Internet’s most ardent bag lovers – our readers!

From now through Wednesday, June 25, you can register for a chance to win the tweedy, jewel-encrusted Chanel Flap Bag you see above, which is a limited edition piece that will never again be available from the brand. 

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